Day 13

Las Vegas to Santa Barbara.

We woke early (again), packed our posh room at The Signature, and headed to Wynn for buffet. I don’t usually do a buffet, but it’s Vegas and you only live once. It was very nice. Great food, none of it gross, and amazing people watching (yet again.) I’m not sure who would wear only panties to a pricey brunch, but Zak is convinced she was an escort. We’ll never know, but the image will always be etched in Zoe and Ellie’s minds. Nice.



We made the 5 and a half hour drive to Santa Barbara. It was a goofy driving day for us. We did most of the driving during peak live-it-up hours and it just seemed to take up every waking moment. Also, I did 4 and a half hours of the drive, so it really dragged on for me. Alas, we arrived at a Kimpton Hotel, the Goodland. I am hoping that Zak does a post about the Kimpton game we are playing. I can’t begin to understand all the details except to know that we had an array of local food arts awaiting us when we opened to the doors to our ridiculous suite. I thought that Vegas was fancy, but this is over the top. And it really isn’t fancy. It’s very, very, very nice, but not snooty. In fact. I’m sitting on our patio lounge chairs, next to a roaring fire, with an alpaca blanket warming me. I really feel like we stepped into an Anthropologie store to spend the night.

DSCF2534 (Large)

DSCF2533 (Large)

DSCF2536 (Large)

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DSCF2538 (Large)


The girls swam into the sunset as a live band played to its handful of fans. We ate fish tacos, sipped strong IPAs, and listened to Carly Simon records on our vintage record player. Amazing.





DSCF2542 (Large)

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