Day 20

Another fun day is in the books. We sadly left San Francisco this morning, and are already anxious to return. Our destination of the day was the city of Alameda to visit a friend of mine, Lyndsey. Our moms were part of a moms’ group when we were just babies, and although we haven’t see […]

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Respecting National Parks

In the national parks there is a lot of signs that clearly as say “stay on the trail” but a lot of people don’t follow those rules. Yesterday there was a guy who just cut through the trail. I have never took a step off the trail. It is important to respect national parks because […]

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Today we were in Alameda. We met up with one of my mom’s friends. When we walked in the door her three year old son Emmett greeted us by saying “come look at my room”. Eventually we got showed everything in his house. Then we went to a winery. We had really good pizza. Now […]

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At home my best friend is name is Lily .we have been to a lot of lakes and mountns and streets and we have seen Lily lake and LilyΒ  mointnΒ  and Lily street I missΒ  you Lily.

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