The day I saw a bear

Today when we got up we grabbed breakfast from the hotel and then hit the road for the three hour drive to Glacier National Park. Then when we got there we we started our hike. For the first 1.5 miles we had to walk next to the road then we got to the trailhead. We […]

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Arriving at Glacier NP

This morning we woke up early. At 5:00 early. We grabbed a cinnamon roll and were off. We drove three hours to Glacier National Park. We then drove through the park on a very very windy road that did not help anybody feel good. We eventually made it to the top and started our hike. […]

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Day 37: Glacier National Park

The day started with kayaking on a subalpine lake, then we hiked two different trails. One led to an overlook of another gorgeous lake. We saw about a dozen mountain goats on our way up, just eating their lunch right along the trail. I don’t like the word cute, but there were two babies who […]

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Day 36: Glacier National Park

Whoa! This one is a beauty! We’re sitting in the great lounge of the lodge, having just come inside from watching a mama bear and her two cubs frolic among the wildflowers. Our day started painfully early, at just 5:00, which was only 4:00 to our bodies which have been in Pacific time zone for […]

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Life Less Ordinary

Well, I hate to be a bother,But it’s you and there’s no other, I do believe.You can call me naive,But I know me very well,At least as far as I can tell,And I know what I need.The night you came into my lifeWell, it took the bones of meTook the bones of me.You blew away […]

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Mountain Sound

I heard them calling in the distanceSo I packed my things and ran Of Monsters And Men Glacier NP is awesome! We woke up early this morning in Kalispell, 5 AM. By 6 we were on the road headed for the Many Glacier part of the park. To get there we first had to pass […]

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Day 35: Winthrop to Kalispell

The day was mostly spent in the car. During the ride I savored the strongest latte of the trip (five shots of espresso!), made some friendship bracelets, finished a book (Women Talking by Miriam Toews) and read about a quarter of my next one (Supermarket by Bobby Hall who is better known as Logic.) Of […]

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Lodi Dodi

Went to the bathroom to wash upI threw some soap on my face Snoop Dogg This morning I shaved. That might have been the most exciting thing that happened today. After I finished shaving we drove for 8 hours through Washington, Idaho, and Montana. They were all really beautiful. We had dinner at a brewery […]

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