The Spirit of Diggins

Happy Holiday! It’s been another year full of adventure, fun, tears, hiking, arguing, drinking, love, driving, dining, and more for us. #RTXIX is in the books (or more literally on this website). We jumped into our dream of some day living in SW Colorado with both feet after finding the perfect property there. We’ve all […]

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TTXIX (Thanksgiving Trip ’19)

We have a rule that blogging is completely optional except for during the summer road trips where it becomes a daily requirement. However, Ellie decided to write about each day of our mini Thanksgiving trip this year and I decided that I couldn’t let her be the only one. I guess it’s just the nostalgia […]

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The day I went to turkey run

Today I was supposed to get up at 6 but, being myself I slept into 7. Well it was only 6:59. We got dressed and grabbed some breakfast for the road and we hit the road for the three hour drive to Turkey run state park. It was so amazing but, all of the miserable […]

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The day we took a mini road trip

So it is our thanksgiving break and we divided to take a mini road trip. We got up grabbed our blue duffle bags and started the hour drive to our first hiking place starved Rock. I entertained myself by useing Shazam so I could sing along to our road trip favorites. We started our hike […]

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The day we finished

Today we finished not just the accomplishments or the new places, the food and the national parks, the hikes and the camping. Now it is back to school and I will be a 6th grader at Congress Park Elementary. Although I love to learn, sometimes, actually everyday, I wish I could live my life exploring […]

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Last Post!!

My mom said that this post has to be sentimental so here you go: This trip we did so much and we went so many places. We went to two new states and we went to Vancouver for the first time. We visited a lot of new national parks. We will certainly return back to […]

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Day 50: Southwest Colorado

This evening, at dusk, we drove from the Dolores Brewery to Cortez. The sun had set and every mountain range that surrounded us had a purple haze. The silhouette of Sleeping Ute, in the distance, was particularly lovely. We could see the lights of the ranches, the homes, the farms that we drove by. In […]

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Good Things

See I can see good things for you and IYeah good things for you and I The BoDeans We’re obviously in love with this place. We think we chose the perfect land. Our only wish now is that we had a place to shower and cook so we wouldn’t have to keep leaving for hotels […]

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The day I camped with my sister

This is written my Ellie and zoe So. What’s up? This morning Ellie had a bagel and sausage and Zoe got gipped at the pancake machine. Long story short our dad had pancakes then Zoe decided that she wanted some too. So she clicked the button and guess what?? Only one small came out. So […]

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