Driving to California

Well, today was a very boring day. We started by waking up no later than 7. We had one last delicious meal at Kerouac’s. We all shared an omelet, breakfast sandwich, a muffin, and a scone. We had to stop in Ely to replenish the first aid kit and get more blatter’s. The place that […]

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The day we had barbecue

Today started at the Stargazer Inn in Baker Nevada. We quickly packed up our room. Then we headed off to Karauc’s for some breakfast. We shared four things. We had a breakfast muffin, an omelette, scones and a sandwich. After breakfast we started the 6 hour drive to California. Zoe and I watch Parks and […]

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And we walked off to look for America – Simon and Garfunkel One last meal at Kerouac’s and one last long drive West today. We made it to California after traversing the alternating ranges of mountains and broad valleys that make up central Nevada. Breakfast was the most notable party of the day. We shared […]

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Shallow Rivers

Shallow rivers run between us Where a stone may never sink. Though we taste, we are left thirsty For a deep and soulful drink. – Dan Fogelburg We made it out of Great Basin nearly intact. As I wrote about yesterday this is an intense hike! I didn’t sleep great last night, but I never […]

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The day I backpacked

Today started with Kerouc’s breakfeast. Which for me was a berry muffin. Today we planned on backpacking up a mountain, but because of all the snow we were not able to do that hike. So we went to the ranger station and asked for suggestions of what to do today. The ranger was very nice […]

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