Day 48

This morning I wanted to wake up super early so that we could finish hiking the three day backpacking trip unfortunately the 5 am alarm I suggested was swapped with a 6:30 alarm. Once we were up we pack up camp and hit the trail I lead today and was not messing around I was […]

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Day 46

I am mad, I am frustrated, I am disappointed, I feel scammed and it is all because of a breakfast burrito. Please note my blog will only be on the burrito so to read about the rest of the day read someone else’s post. I was starving when we walked across the street to sugar, […]

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Oops!…I Did It Again

“You see my problem is this I’m dreaming away” Britney Spears Another day, another 14er! The past week has been a pretty amazing one for hiking. Two epic backpacking trips in New Mexico, two 14ers, two state highpoints. Today’s summit, Mt. Massive is my favorite of the 14ers I’ve completed so far. We set our […]

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Day 44: Mount Massive

There is little doubt that today was the most physically challenging of the trip so far, and possibly of all the adventures we’ve had. But, I would argue, it was the best too. We woke up at camp at 12:30 when someone’s car alarm was going off, and 2:30 when a group of early hikers […]

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Day 44

It’s currently 4:45 and I am listening to the greatest showman soundtrack well watching the rain pour down. I can now officially say I have been up for more the 12 hours the alarms went off at 4 AM this morning as I said in my post from yesterday I have feelings for this alarm. […]

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Day 43: Leadville

Today was a rest day. We usually fill rest days with driving, household tasks like laundry, or smaller hikes. We couldn’t do any of those things today, but spent the day in Leadville. It’s the highest city in Colorado at 10,000 some feet and full of cute shops, outdoor gear suppliers, and some real good […]

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Boring day in leadville

As you can see from my model today was an incredibly boring day. You get the vibe. Lots of sitting on benches wondering what we should do. Ellie and I got malts at one point. That was fun. Otherwise it was pretty boring. Ok I know this post is short but there is an old […]

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Day 43

Today started from waking up from one of the best night’s sleep I have had so far. I had not half a bed not one bed not one and a half beds, but Two full beds. Idmittly I only slept in one but I for sure used the other when I was just relaxing. I […]

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