Boggy Draw

Zak and I started our 20th(!) anniversary with a ride at Boggy Draw. The network of trails is immense and I don’t think we’ll be repeating sections for a long time. The ride was crazy! It started with gentle ups and downs through beautiful terrain. The tall pines would turn to sagebrush and then back […]

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πŸœπŸ›πŸŒƒ July 11

Today was a much needed rest day. I can very satisfyingly report I got a whopping 10 and a half hours of sleep last night. When I went downstairs I made myself a breakfast sandwich and some hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows the best kind). Then I showered and just kind of relaxed. I had […]

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Hope Lake

I stumbled out of our room ten minutes after the 6 o’clock alarm to start the coffee and saw Zoe sitting in the couch, ready to start the day. I have no idea why she woke so early or how she got ready so quickly, she she was the first of us ready for today’s […]

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Rest Day

Finally, we got to sleep in! The perfect start to a rest day. Coffee on the porch, a good book, and no expectations for the day! Perfection! I spent the morning painting. I had never used oil paints before and had no idea what I was doing. It was fun to experiment and I’m pretty […]

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Centennial Peak

Woohoo! Today we sumitted our first mountain of the trip! The scariest part of today was possibly the drive in. It was like a road full of literally boulders and Fred was twisting and turning and going in all directions a car is not supposes to go in. I was petrified. The hike to the […]

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Wam bam yes ma’am the first mountain of this summer is done. My alarm went off today at 6:35. I did infact get up but if I woke up is another thing. Five minutes later my dad came in my room to my sitting up criss cross in my bed back asleep. I got ready […]

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