Forget Responsibility

We could climb another mountain, or just drink another beer. Clyde Sparklehoof It’s already July 10th and somehow it took us until today to summit our first mountain of the year. It was a good one though, Centennial Peak, our first summit in the La Platas (finally!). We’d hiked from the Sharkstooth trail head before […]

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Stairway to Heaven

there are two paths you can go by Led Zeppelin It turns out Moab is just a day trip from Mancos. The girls did it on spring break last year, but doing it today made it seem much more realistic. I thought we’d be home late, but we made it back in the late afternoon […]

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Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Just got home from Illinois Lock the front door, oh boy Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch. CCR Lots of things have happened since I last wrote over a week ago. Friends visited Mancos, we visited those same friends at their house, we went to Chicago, we stayed at a Kimpton. […]

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Let Me Go

And I’ve waited for her for so long I’ve waited for her for so long I’ve wondered if I could hang on I’ve wondered if I could hang on, yeah CAKE I didn’t expect to be in Mancos tonight, but here I am. We started the morning early, a 5:30 AM alarm woke us up. […]

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How Do You Talk To An Angel

It’s like trying to catch a falling star The Heights Phew, what a day! We woke up at Bryce Canyon, loaded up Fred and were on the road before 8 this morning. The destination was Zion NP. The two hour drive was relatively easy except for my credit card being locked in a gas pump […]

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Drunk On A Plane

We had this date marked on the calendar forever. Dierks Bentley We did a SUPER hike today! Bryce Canyon has always been one of my favorite national parks and today was no exception. We started the morning slowly: slept in a bit, drank some coffee, got the gear packed. We were on the trail before […]

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Keep Driving

I would ask, “Should we just keep driving?” Maple syrup, coffee Harry Styles Today was the first absolutely positively normal old-school road trip day! It was a little bit weird leaving life in Colorado for a mini-vacation to Utah. Packing up last night was much less of an experience than packing for a full summer […]

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I Wish It Would Rain Down

Oh you know I wish it would rain, rain down on me now Ooh yes I wish it would rain, down on me Yes you know I wish it would rain, rain down on me Just rain down on me Phil Collins Thank you for a wonderful Father’s Day fam! It was raining today, which […]

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Donkey Riding

Way hey and away we go donkey riding donkey riding, Way hey and away we go riding on a donkey. Great Big Sea Today. Was. Burrofest!!! Who knew that watching burros try to make their way around an obstacle course would become one of the highlights of my summer? When my coteacher and his family […]

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Ryegrass Riders

They’re wild like the lands they ride . . . So throw another log on the fire . . . Take a pull and pass the bottle Samantha Rise Today was Phil’s World day! There is just so much to do here! So many possibilities, so just like all the trails we have yet to […]

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