President’s Day Weekend

I’ve been working on updating the website for the past couple weeks. One thing that stood out to me was how little any of us write when we’re not out west. We started this project, and mostly continue it, for us to record or own memories. Both girls, but particularly Zoe, regularly go back and […]

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Shutdown Takeover

Episode 17 of Ellie Elevates Your National Parks is now available on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and many other podcast apps. Tune in this week as Zak and Molly take over for an under-the-weather Ellie to talk about how we got into our road trip habit and the current government shut-down. As always, you can also listen right […]

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Let It Go

“So come on, let it go Just let it be” – James Bay Most boring day of the trip. Nothing happened, but too early to write “the end”. I guess it’s a mental transition day. I did have a nice last Kimpton shower and coffee this morning. Then sat in the car all day. We […]

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End of the Line

“Well it’s all right, everything’ll work out fine Well it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line” – Traveling Wilburys Today felt like the end of the line for #RTXVIII. The next two days we’ll be driving home. Back to our fairly normal lives. Molly doesn’t want us to reflect yet, but […]

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Way Down We Go

“You let your feet run wild” – Kaleo Today we left Rocky Mountain National Park. The good news, though, is that despite my post a day or two ago about not knowing when I’d return to a place, I feel very confident that I’ll be back here again next June. We talked a bit today […]

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“I think the universe is on my side” – Echosmith I’m kind of at a loss about how to write about today. The end was so spectacular that I feel like I should lead with that. Perhaps now that I’ve teased it you’ll stick around until the end. Last night we decided that we would […]

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Rocky Mountain High

“You can talk to [g]od and listen to the casual reply” – John Denver There can’t be any better place in the world than on top of an alpine mountain. Somehow it took until day 41 for me to get there this year, but the wait was worth it. For several years I’ve been wanting […]

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“Things get so crazy, crazy Don’t rush this baby” – Matchbox 20 Getting up at 6:30 is actually considered sleeping in on road trips, but it was especially hard this morning since I woke up in a comfortable bed. The smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen helped ease the transition though. After a […]

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Girl On Fire

“Head in the clouds” – Alicia Keys For me the first half of today was pretty crummy. I just hung out in the hotel waiting for the girls to get back from their adventure, at least I’m back to healthy though. Go read their posts for all the details about their morning. I was super […]

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