Stay Home Lego Stop Motion

This year for Global Day of Design Ellie and Molly’s district encouraged students and parents to choose a project from a plethora of options that had been assembled for us to pick from. Of course, we quickly decided that we would each choose a project to complete. For some reason stop motion animation caught my […]

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The spread of COVID-19 in the United States is threatening to overwhelm our medical system. We can all act now to prevent this outcome by simply staying home. In this video I explain the exponential function, how it relates to COVID-19, and how we can act to slow it down.Please stay home and encourage others […]


Reader Question – Energy

How do you have energy to do everything you do without getting exhausted? We do get exhausted! Some days we collapse into our hotel with little will to do anything at all. Even taking a shower seems like a chore. Running a load of laundry or repacking gear seem like insurmountable challenges. Some days we […]

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Reader Question – Reservations

Sometimes as I’m trying to locate camping or lodging reservations it feels opaque and tricky to find prices and options. What is your process for determining where to stay and when to book? Our first step to planning our trips is to decide which hikes we’d like to do. This gives us a rough framework […]

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Reader Question – Hike Selection

How do you know ahead of time which hikes you will enjoy? Particularly whether the hike is the right difficulty, too crowded, or boring. If folks have different comfort levels I remember sometimes you split up such as when some like caves and some don’t. Is that something you do often? Do you prepare tons […]

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SBXX: Mojave National Preserve

Our final stop of Spring Break XX will be Mojave National Preserve. The entire park is considered a part of the Mojave desert. Even so, it is home to a variety of climatic zones and a wide range of flora and fauna. The entire park is designated wilderness area which means that it is nearly […]

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SBXX: Death Valley NP

Death Valley National Park is actually home to four separate valleys which collectively make it the largest park in the contiguous United States. More than 90% of the area of the park is designated wilderness which means it is an ideal hiking destination for us. Although it will certainly be busy in late March, it […]

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