You Fckn Did It

“You fuckin’ did it You really did it yeah You fuckin’ did it You fuckin’ did it You fuckin’ did it You really did it yeah You fuckin’ did it You fuckin’ did it” Jason Mraz That’s right blog readers, we Fucking Did It. By far the most challenging hike of the summer, the one […]

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Cup of Coffee

“What time is . . . alright, goodnight” Jack Elliot Authors Note: This post was written Monday the 19th about today and yesterday. We’re currently backpacking at Great Basin, so it likely won’t be posted for a few days. Yesterday morning we woke up in Green River, UT at what may have been the nicest […]

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Oops!…I Did It Again

“You see my problem is this I’m dreaming away” Britney Spears Another day, another 14er! The past week has been a pretty amazing one for hiking. Two epic backpacking trips in New Mexico, two 14ers, two state highpoints. Today’s summit, Mt. Massive is my favorite of the 14ers I’ve completed so far. We set our […]

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“I found myself on the continental divide Tell me where do I go from here Think I’ll ride into Leadville and have a few beers” Jimmy Buffett Rest day in Leadville. It’s a much better town than most of the touristy towns up here. It seems like somehow it’s managed to actually hold onto some […]

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The Higher You Climb

“The higher you climb, The more that you see.” Dan Fogelberg Today we climbed very, very high. All the way to the second highest point in the continental US, the summit of Mt. Elbert. Only Mt. Whitney in California is higher. This was also our second state highpoint of the week. AND a hike that’s […]

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Long Way to Go

“I wore my boots out walkin’ Poured my heart out talkin’” Railroad Earth Yes, I missed another day of blogging yesterday, but this time I have a really good excuse. Yesterday was Molly and my 19th anniversary and I wanted to spend every minute I could with her. I can’t believe how lucky I am […]

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Out of the Woods

“Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods? Are we in the clear yet?Are we in the clear yet?” Taylor Swift I had the best night’s sleep last night. Not really sure why since it was in a tent. Maybe it was the whiskey? Or just the night. I did […]

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Shelter From the Storm

“Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm Come in, she said I’ll give ya shelter from the storm” Bob Dylan Today turned out to be our day for a bit of adventure. It started out quietly enough with coffee on the porch of the B&B we stayed at followed by breakfast on […]

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Let Her Cry

“And just let her cry if the tears fall down like rain Let her sing if it eases all her pain” Hootie & The Blowfish I’m not one who typically shares their emotions on a public forum, but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing the day or the blog justice without mentioning that we […]

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Mountain Brews

“As we get to the top of the mountain there’s a view Take a load off and crack a few mountain brews” Mountain Brews To pick up from where I left off with yesterday’s post, we did indeed wake up at 5:30 this morning. We had breakfast and semi packed up, since we had decided […]

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