Centennial Peak

Woohoo! Today we sumitted our first mountain of the trip! The scariest part of today was possibly the drive in. It was like a road full of literally boulders and Fred was twisting and turning and going in all directions a car is not supposes to go in. I was petrified. The hike to the […]

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Fiery Furnace

Its been a long time since I’ve written a post but I’ve had so much fun lately! We went back home and I got to see all my friends all day every day. My friends and I had a little 4th of July celebration and lots of Starbucks drives, and shopping filling in the 4 […]

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Angel’s Landing

Today was such a fun day! We hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing. It wasn’t that bad at all over all except my legs are sore now. I was not looking forward to today but it ended up being really good. The first part of the hike was a bunch of large switchbacks. It […]

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Bryce had my entire heart. It is my favorite place on earth. Like the majesticness of it is indescribable. If you have a puzzle or poster or other picture of bryce hanging or displayed in your home it does no justice. Being in Bryce and doing the hike with all the ups and downs (literally […]


Driving to Utah

Today was a very boring day. I woke up an accidentally hour late and had 15 minutes to shower, pack, and get ready. I was in destress. Our first stop of the day was Safeway. We picked up some stuff to make peanut butter and jelly, muffins, and other miscellanious stuff. We quickly arrived to […]

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Happy fathers day!! I’m so lucky to have the best dad who plans all these cool trips and hikes. I said earlier I want to be as creative and organized as dad is when I am older. I love to listen to him play ukulele especially Taylor Swift and his originals. Thanks for being the […]


Burro Fest!

Today was burro fest! It’s really hard to explain on perfect detail. This morning I was texting my friends and their plans were hanging out, working and swimming. Mine was Burro fest. As I told them about it I was met with questions like what is that? And can you ride them? Basically the burros […]

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Mountain Biking

Woohoo! Today we went mountain biking! I wolk up at 7 and got ready ate some yogurt for breakfast and by 8:30 we were on the road. We had to do some transferring and picking up the bikes. Soon enough it was time to start! I love mountain biking I feel cool and sportsy when […]

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Forest Cows

Tonight as everyone was going around reading their blog posts I announced that I had not yet written one I was met with an unanimous stream of Boos. Now as I drift asleep after a full day of hiking do not expect this to he the best thing ever. I woke up earlier than I […]

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Flying to CO

I legit have zero ideas on how to start this post. I have not written anything except for 2 essays this entire year so my creative direction is lacking a little bit. Hopefully the posts get better as our summer goes on. The past few weeks I’ve spend 90% hanging out with my friends qnd […]

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