Why I Should Get a Cat

So, Ellie wrote a VERY persuasive essay about why she should get a hoverboard. I don’t want a hoverboard because I would fall off and break all of my bones. Also, if this persuasive essay is less persuasive it’s DEFINITELY NOT because I’m worse of a writer. It’s because I’m writing this in the middle […]

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First Day E-Learning

Today was our first day of doing online school and it was a lot easier than I expected. Also, it only took 4 hours. Last night before I went to bed I made a whole schedule about what class it was and how long everything would take and the order that I would do all […]

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Spring Break and Coronavirus

Well, today we got the news that school is canceled until at least the 7th. We all saw this coming it was just a matter of when. Throughout the past few days, my teachers have had us take home everything in case we have to stay home. Today it was a really weird vibe in […]

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Last Post!!

My mom said that this post has to be sentimental so here you go: This trip we did so much and we went so many places. We went to two new states and we went to Vancouver for the first time. We visited a lot of new national parks. We will certainly return back to […]

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Exploring our property more

This morning we woke up to hot chocolate. After a while of whittling and building forts and a builder came to look at our property and talk at mom and dad. After that we went to ABC for lunch. My mom and I shared a turkey wrap and a pesto pasta. We also had some […]

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Going to Mesa Verde

Last night my mom and sister went camping so my dad and I were at the hotel. We woke up at 5:30 got breakfast and picked up Ellie and my mom. Out first tour was off oak tree house. We had an amazing ranger who was very informative and talked a lot a lot about […]

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