Boring day in leadville

As you can see from my model today was an incredibly boring day. You get the vibe. Lots of sitting on benches wondering what we should do. Ellie and I got malts at one point. That was fun. Otherwise it was pretty boring. Ok I know this post is short but there is an old […]

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Hiking Mt elbert

After you study that map you may say to yourself “Woah, that’s steep!?” or “are you going to fall off” or “are they insane”. The answers are Yes, Likely, and definitely. With that being said we woke up at 5am with a temperature of 37 degrees. THIRTY SEVEN‼️ I slept in 2 pairs of socks, […]

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Driving to Leadville

Today was a very food focused day so other than going grocery shopping and eating pizza all we did was drive 5 hours. So the rest of the post will be about the food because obviously 9:00: We all shared a chocolate croissant for bastille day. It was super buttery and delicious. My quadrant didn’t […]

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A few days ago I located where in Santa Fe I would get my alfredo from. They only had penne alfredo which would be just as amazing. I sent my dad the address and found out it was only a few blocks from the hotel, it was pretty cheap and they had pizza for ellie […]


backpacking at bandelier

Today feltike one of the longest of the trip so sorry if I skip like half the day. Last night our room was 99 degrees but this morning I woke up at 6:30because I was freezing and it was supposed to be our sleep in day 🙁 Anyway at 8 we went down to breakfast. […]

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Hiking Wheeler and Walter Peak

This morning as the 5:30 alarm rang I literally had icicles growing from my eyelashes because of how cold it was. Our sleeping bags are supposed to keep us warm up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit but I think they meant Celsius or the inventory has zero concept of temperature. It was FREEZING. We got to […]

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Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu

This morning started bright and early. We drove 3 hours to ghost Ranch where we were greeted and told to put name tags. We got the rundown of the ranch. We went to the desk and asked about hikes. We were presented with 2 options one with shade and the other without. We took the […]

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Mancos and Mesa Verde

Yesterday we had a pretty relaxing morning and headed to Dolores and walked around a little bit. We stopped at the DinoStore and we all got a shirt. I got a oversized flannel and one issue with this trip is buying clothes because my bag is actually exploding with a surplus of unnecessary clothes. It […]

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