Favorite day

Today was definitely my favorite day of the hike so far. It started off with a late (7:30) wake up and delicious breakfast. I got toast with goat cheese and salmon. Blueberry jam and a mini pancake, and 2 bowls of fruit. It was delicious. While everyone else was finishing up getting ready I sat […]

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We made it back to Switzerland! This was one of my favorite hikes of the week so far. We woke up bright and early at 4:55 and were promptly on the trail by 5:30. I don’t really much of what happened before 10:30. I ate some granola bars and strutted along my merry way. At […]


“Rest day”

This morning we got to sleep in for the first time all trip. I slept so nice until I heard someone knocking on our door. We went promptly up to the room our parents were sleeping in and were welcomed by an assortments of different croissants, bread, yogurt, and fruit. This was probably one of […]

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Today basically started last night because I did not sleep at all. The bunks creaked whenever someone moved an inch the entire bunk bed would creak, there was thunderstorms all night, and it was a very uncomfortable bed. We woke up to lighting and thunder. We quickly ate the provided breakfast which was so unappetizing […]

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Day 400

We just did the most exhausting 2 days ever. We hiked like 12 miles each day and climbed an average of 4000ft which is a lot. Like a lot. Feet are falling off of my ankles and my knees off of my thighs. Sitting up and standing down from dinner made me feel like a […]

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Arrivée en Les Hauches

We made it to our starting/end point for when we do the hike. We started the day in a patisserie and my dad and I shared le petit dejuner which came with a bunch of bread and jams. Also the best orange juice in the world. I only like orange juice when it has pulp […]

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This morning Ellie and I had the mission of eating a chocolate croissant and a crepe. The 2 of us left the hotel around 10. We started walking towards the cafe but then impromptuly decided to go to a closer one that looked just as good and was only 50 steps away. We ordered our […]

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Made it!

We are in France!!!! I don’t know how long we have been here but it has been the best 2 days. So far I think that I have eaten all of the food there is to eat and drunken all the drinks there is to drink. We had a quick layover in Lisbon where we […]

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Centennial Peak

Woohoo! Today we sumitted our first mountain of the trip! The scariest part of today was possibly the drive in. It was like a road full of literally boulders and Fred was twisting and turning and going in all directions a car is not supposes to go in. I was petrified. The hike to the […]

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Fiery Furnace

Its been a long time since I’ve written a post but I’ve had so much fun lately! We went back home and I got to see all my friends all day every day. My friends and I had a little 4th of July celebration and lots of Starbucks drives, and shopping filling in the 4 […]

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