New Post

I have not written on the blog for a super long time. This weekend we went downtown. We planned on just going to the SNL exhibit at the Broadcast and Communication’s museum. We left house at 9:30 and drove down to the city. We parked and headed to the SNL exhibit. We went inside and […]

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Last Day

Today was the last day. We have done so much over the past month and a half. We added up all the miles and hiked 200 miles in the last 6 weeks. We hiked in the desert, mountains, and water. We had our good days, and bad days. We had our moments. We all learned […]

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Boring Day

Today we drove. That is all we did. We listened to Dessert Solitaire. Now we are in Omaha. I am excited to see all of my friends tomorrow!

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This morning we got to sleep in. I got to enjoy some tea. I was going to get iced tea but they didn’t have it so I was going to make it myself. I put the water in the cup. Apperaently either the water was way too hot which it didn’t feel like that or […]

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Last Hike

This morning we woke up to a deer. It stayed near us all morning. It was pretty creepy. After packing up we headed back down. Sadly, this was the last time. Now all we have is Denver and driving. The hike down was beautiful. During it I thought about all of the hikes we’ve done, […]

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Odessa Lake

July 19, Today was a backwards day. We slept in instead of waking up at the crack of dawn. We had a delicious huge breakfast instead of dinner. We did touristy things in the morning instead of afternoon. And we hiked in the evening instead of the morning. After sleeping in we got a delicious […]

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Mt. Ida

Finally we summited Mt. Ida. After planning to do it for 2 years we were stopped by rain and snow. It was beautiful you could see the whole park. We saw mountains, cars, and animals. So many animals we saw deer, yellowed bellied marmots, elk, ground squirrels, pikas, and moose. The top was cold and […]

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Mt. Sherman

This morning we woke up at 4:30. My mom, Ellie, and I headed towards the Mt. Sherman trail head. When opened our doors the cold wind slapped our faces. We put on our boots and started going up. Up, 2,000 something feet up. When we finished we were 14,034 feet in the air. The hike […]

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20 Miles In 2 Days

This morning we woke up with the crisp wind hitting our faces. After tyeing our boots up and a bite of Beef Jerky we started heading back down. The hike was just as beautiful as yesterday. Wildflowers, mountains, and Aspen’s were visible the whole time. While we were hiking we all named our packs. Here […]

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