Made it!

We are in France!!!! I don’t know how long we have been here but it has been the best 2 days. So far I think that I have eaten all of the food there is to eat and drunken all the drinks there is to drink.

We had a quick layover in Lisbon where we got a coffee and then before we knew it we were in Geneva!! Almost promptly we headed to the fondue restaurant where we enjoyed a mountain of bread and a bowl of cheese. Also we had an array of different meats and accompanies. I am usually not a meat girl but this was so good. We ordered the tarte maison which came with raspberries and something else I don’t know how to pronounce. All were so good.

Today we walked around Geneva and saw lots of old buildings which were beautiful. We also went to different parks and walked around. For lunch I had a salmon wrap with mango juice which was so delicious. We took the hot bus back to the hotel and from there took another cooler bus to Chamonix. For dinner we shared a charcuterie that came with all the meats and cheeses you could imagine. To top it off I got raspberry lemon ice cream. I could go home now it is perfect here.

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