Today basically started last night because I did not sleep at all. The bunks creaked whenever someone moved an inch the entire bunk bed would creak, there was thunderstorms all night, and it was a very uncomfortable bed. We woke up to lighting and thunder. We quickly ate the provided breakfast which was so unappetizing […]

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TMB Phase 3

Things finally started getting interesting on the trail today. Days 1 and 2 were pretty typical hiking days for me. They were beautiful and they were steps toward the much bigger goal. Today was that as well, but it was also more of the adventure I was hoping for. We all slept poorly last night. […]

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Day 7

Today was once again a good eats day. It did start bad though. The breakfast that was provided to us was not good it was a yogurt and cereal and the yogurt was not good. Very sour. I did eat some bread though. A but into our hike we stopped and got some food and […]

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TMB Stage 2

Tonight we’re writing from L’Auberge de la Nova. The plan was for Molly and I to have a glass of wine while we did this, but the “town” we’re in is too small to have a place that sells glasses of wine. So we had to settle for buying the entire bottle, at 12€ that […]

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