TMB Stage 6

WHEW! We made it! Today was by far the longest hike of the TMB for us. 16 mfing miles while hiking over 3,500 feet up and over 4,500 feet down (that’s right, nearly a mile down). From the time we booked this trip we knew that today was going to be the hardest. We’d planned […]

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We made it back to Switzerland! This was one of my favorite hikes of the week so far. We woke up bright and early at 4:55 and were promptly on the trail by 5:30. I don’t really much of what happened before 10:30. I ate some granola bars and strutted along my merry way. At […]


Day 8

Today started way to early at 5 am we woke up and got right to hiking skipping breakfast. I have had no idea what time it is all day but at some point close to when we stared hiking I had a granola bar and then another I think like 6 miles in. I didn’t […]

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“Rest day”

This morning we got to sleep in for the first time all trip. I slept so nice until I heard someone knocking on our door. We went promptly up to the room our parents were sleeping in and were welcomed by an assortments of different croissants, bread, yogurt, and fruit. This was probably one of […]

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