Day 4

Today is day 3 of my food blog. I want to start today’s Post with yesterday’s dinner because I finished my Post yesterday before dinner and dinner yesterday deserves a mention. For dinner yesterday me and my dad split half a chicken with mashed potatoes roasted vegetables and an onion garlic sauce. The chicken was […]

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Arrivée en Les Hauches

We made it to our starting/end point for when we do the hike. We started the day in a patisserie and my dad and I shared le petit dejuner which came with a bunch of bread and jams. Also the best orange juice in the world. I only like orange juice when it has pulp […]

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Day 4: Les Houches

Tomorrow is the start of our hike! It got pretty real today as we made our way from Chamonix to Les Houches, the unofficial starting point of the TMB. We even bought a paper map of the route at the visitor’s center. This afternoon we doubled checked all the gear. I removed each item from […]

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Day 4: Chamonix to Les Houches

Our original plan had us getting to Europe today and starting the hike tomorrow. I’m so glad we’ve had these days to enjoy this corner of the Alps. I am going to embrace Ellie’s idea of turning this into a food blog, at least until we start the hike. (Did you read her last post?? […]

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Day 3

(This is from yesterdayyyyyty)  I feel like I need to make one thing clear 90% of the reason I’m on this trip is for the food. So with that being said my portion of the blog will be turned more into  A food blog. So this morning after my parents left for the day Zoe and […]

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