Day 12

Today was the second to last day of hiking. Before breakfast we got to sleep in even if it was just for a few extra minutes it was one of the best mornings of the hike. Not being completely rushed was a real treat compared to what our mornings are normally like. Breakfast was amazing there was lots of pasterys and meats and cheeses. I tried to get a little bit of everything but for me the best part was the mini crepe. We then went to a little bakery and got sandwiches for later. We walked up the block to our bus stop and got on for the 5ish minute ride to where we left off yesterday. It was a lot of up today. I immediately regretted not bringing more then 2 letters of water I was chugging it. It was  so hot out and even thought we could see the top if the climb the whole time it still felt endless. We then got to the ladder part of the hike. Ladders are my biggest fear ever and I hated every second of it it was straight up with a huge drop off under you. When we finally got to the top we had our sandwiches. After I finished mine I wanted something sweet all we had was a jar of Nutella. I have been carrying this jar of Nutella the whole hike and no one has eaten it. I didn’t have a spoon or anything so I just used my finger. Don’t worry I had a napkin. Then we went down. About a quarter mile from our hotel we stopped at a restaurant and got ice cream and drinks. I got 3 scoops cause mom said we could get one 2 or 3. Then we got to our hotel it was a hard pass from it before we even sat down my dad was looking up New hotels. As we were leaving my dad told them we were leaving because there was no water electricity and it was dirty. They replied that they clean every day and asked if we turned the switch on. We took the lift down to our amazing new hotel. For dinner tonight we had piza.

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