We’re solidly on Phase 2 of the trip now as I’m currently riding the TGV from Lyon to Paris. It took a little while to adjust from a life of hiking every day to exploring a city, but once we got in the groove I really enjoyed my time in Lyon. Zoe had insisted that […]

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Days 15-17: Lyon

We had such a wonderful time in Lyon. We ate incredible Lyonnaise food, scratched the surface of learning the Roman Empire history, and walked more than we did on some days of the TMB. We’re on a high speed train to Paris and I’m sitting backwards, so I’m going to let the pictures tell the […]

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TMB Stage 11

We did! We circumnavigated Mt. Blanc completely on foot! From the Les Houches gate through France, Italy, and Switzerland and right back to where we began in Les Houches! We crossed passes, climbed mountains, followed rivers, and even walked up some driveways along the way. I’m so proud of all of us for supporting and […]

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Day 14: Chamonix to Les Houches

The final day of the hike. On paper this day looks rough, but I was so convinced that we would be totally conditioned and so anxious to finish that we’d fly right through it. I was wrong. The first cable car up the 5,000 feet to the trail wasn’t until 8:15, getting us back on […]

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Day 12

Today was the second to last day of hiking. Before breakfast we got to sleep in even if it was just for a few extra minutes it was one of the best mornings of the hike. Not being completely rushed was a real treat compared to what our mornings are normally like. Breakfast was amazing […]

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Favorite day

Today was definitely my favorite day of the hike so far. It started off with a late (7:30) wake up and delicious breakfast. I got toast with goat cheese and salmon. Blueberry jam and a mini pancake, and 2 bowls of fruit. It was delicious. While everyone else was finishing up getting ready I sat […]

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TMB Stage 10

Our original plan was for today to be mostly a rest day, but it decidedly was not. We realized yesterday that a couple tweaks to our route were needed. First, that the route we’d planned to walk to last night’s hotel and then up to Refugio Flegere would cause us to miss the ladder portion […]

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TMB Stage 9

For a difficult day of hiking, this one turned out to be quite lovely. The stats were big today! 10 miles, 4,000 feet each of up and down. Thankfully I was feeling pretty good the entire time. It helped that we were moving at a good steady pace all day as well. Just fast enough […]

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