Day 52: Butte to Glacier NP

The day had two objectives: Make the drive from Butte to Glacier and enjoy the Lake Macdonald Lodge. Check and check. The highlight of the drive was a stop for huckleberry ice cream cones. Delicious! 🍦 🫐 Several weeks ago I overheard Zak telling Ellie about our cabin at Lake Macdonald. The snippet of the […]

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Days 53-56: Glacier NP

I’m leaving a lot here at Glacier: blood, sweat, tears. But I’m taking so much more: the feelings of accomplishment, closure, and perseverance. Our three day, two night backpacking trip was anything but easy. We did it though. The first day was only a little over 5 miles, mostly flat, and along a series of […]

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Day 51: Idaho Falls to Butte

Today was our scheduled rest day and we took full advantage. I started with a trip to the local urgent care to have my ankle checked out. Turns out it is not broken. Yay! I’m in a sturdy brace, on steroids, and am using a otc cream that says in big, bolded print: USE ONLT […]

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Day 49 and 50: Grand Tetons

Author’s Note: This trip was a doozy and we cut it a night short for the reasons at the bottom of the post. I wrote this first part after hiking yesterday. We started this backpacking trip with a tense stop at the visitors center to pick up our permit. The heavy traffic got us into […]

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Day 44: Mount Massive

There is little doubt that today was the most physically challenging of the trip so far, and possibly of all the adventures we’ve had. But, I would argue, it was the best too. We woke up at camp at 12:30 when someone’s car alarm was going off, and 2:30 when a group of early hikers […]

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Day 43: Leadville

Today was a rest day. We usually fill rest days with driving, household tasks like laundry, or smaller hikes. We couldn’t do any of those things today, but spent the day in Leadville. It’s the highest city in Colorado at 10,000 some feet and full of cute shops, outdoor gear suppliers, and some real good […]

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Day 42: Mount Elbert

Five years ago we attempted to summit Mt. Elbert. We couldn’t. (Blog post from that day.) Today, five years later, we did. We woke up at 5 with chattering teeth and frozen toes. We had slept in our hiking clothes with the hope of saving as much time as possible in the morning. We quickly […]

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