Day 50: Southwest Colorado

This evening, at dusk, we drove from the Dolores Brewery to Cortez. The sun had set and every mountain range that surrounded us had a purple haze. The silhouette of Sleeping Ute, in the distance, was particularly lovely. We could see the lights of the ranches, the homes, the farms that we drove by. In […]

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Day 49: Telluride

I hate this part of the trip. Every year. I don’t want it to end. We have this urge to begin reminiscing about the past weeks, but I won’t let anyone. We still have four days. Today was our last hike. Only five miles and 1000 foot gain. It was easy. But so beautiful. The […]

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Days 47 and 48: Durango

We did not choose the location of CO home because of Durango, even though it’s the closest “big” city. In fact, we had never even been until the night we put the offer in on the lot. And yet, I can see why people would settle in this area just because of Durango. What a […]

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Day 46: Mancos, Dolores, Cortez

If you’re wondering where in Colorado we are, find those three towns on a map and we’re right in the middle of the triangle they make. That’s our little slice of perfection. It had been nice to sleep in a bed and I used the shower more times than one. Once we were all cleaned […]

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Day 45: Mesa Verde

My day started in a tent and ended with late night pancakes at Denny’s. I’m officially questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. Ellie and I rose at 5:45 and caught the sun rising too. The sky was briefly a beautiful assortment of colors, before settling on a blue for the rest of the […]

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Day 43: Home

Our new one. The 41 acres in southwest Colorado that we purchased this past spring. There’s no house, the only shelter is two tents, there is no plumbing, or beds, or pantry stocked with snacks, but it’s home. We drove from Salt Lake City today, with a quick stop in Moab. We needed some groceries […]

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Day 42: Grand Tetons

We’re outside of Salt Lake City now, have loads of laundry in the hotel washer and dryer, and we found a great place to order pizza and huge salads from. It’s a low key night after a long string of pretty intense, tiring days. We woke up early to the sound of a river and […]

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Day 41: Grand Tetons

I don’t want this day to end. We hiked 12 miles and climbed just less than 3000 feet all while carrying our heavy packs. I’m tired. Muscles are worn out, especially after summiting a mountain yesterday. The rest of the family is in the tents, resting, relaxing, and writing. I opted to soak up every […]

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