Favorite day

Today was definitely my favorite day of the hike so far. It started off with a late (7:30) wake up and delicious breakfast. I got toast with goat cheese and salmon. Blueberry jam and a mini pancake, and 2 bowls of fruit. It was delicious. While everyone else was finishing up getting ready I sat on the porch and took in all the beauty.

The start of the hike was definitely hard. It was very steep and very sunny. The next part though was the ladders. I had been anticipating this for the past 5 years. It was a series of ladders and chains and deadly “stairs”. At the start some people cut us off and the rest of my family was ahead so me and the girl behind me did it together and were cheering eachother on along the way. This part was probably one of the hardest but also one of the most fun. I loved it.

At the top we had sandwiches which were delish. Mine had cheese, ham, and a bunch of vegetables. The rest of the hike down was fine. Nothing super exciting happened. We stopped at a restaurant near the hotel and I got a scoop of raspberry ice cream and a scoop of lemon. They were both so good. I savored them for as long as I possibly could. We finished up the hike to the hotel and as I told my friends it was too murdery and didn’t have any water or electricity so we left. We took a nice cable car down which followed the most stressful 10 minutes of my life as dad tried to get tickets.

We ate some good pizza for dinner and im falling asleep now. I’m so sad this is ending tomorrow I love it so much. Best week of my life. I hope we see Neils at the finish line!!!

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