Day 9

Today started with a breakfast buffet from our hotel. I had Nutella toast again. Nutella is a very big thing here. I also had my first hot coco of the day. A bit into our hike we stopped at a little restaurant. I got a fruit cake and another hot coco. It was poring rain so we had to eat under the table because there was only outdoor seating. When we got to the hotel we ate our lunch. We had gotten sandwiches before we left. I got a chicken one and cut up some salami I have been carrying and added it to the sandwich. We also had chip. We went to a bar that was right by our hotel. And I had a frozen twic bar. For dinner tonight it was not for me. It started good. It was a vegetable soup. Then they brought out our dinner it was pasta. I hate pasta. It is so gross. Nothing makes pasta tolerable. So I had a bite of that that. For dessert we had cake.

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