The day we had barbecue

Today started at the Stargazer Inn in Baker Nevada. We quickly packed up our room. Then we headed off to Karauc’s for some breakfast. We shared four things. We had a breakfast muffin, an omelette, scones and a sandwich. After breakfast we started the 6 hour drive to California. Zoe and I watch Parks and […]

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The day I backpacked

Today started with Kerouc’s breakfeast. Which for me was a berry muffin. Today we planned on backpacking up a mountain, but because of all the snow we were not able to do that hike. So we went to the ranger station and asked for suggestions of what to do today. The ranger was very nice […]

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The day I found a fossil

Today we did not do much. This morning started by playing harthstone and having holiday inn breakfeast and driving 2.5 hours to U dig fossils. The drive was pretty uneventful. Once we made it to the spot. We got hammers and buckets. Cole showed us how to find the fossils. First you find a rock […]

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The day I saw a 360 veiw

Today we had breakfast at the hotel and then drove 30 minutes to Fisher Towers. Then we started to hike. The way up to the overlook was very steep and hard. On the way up we saw some people rock climbing. We had so much fun making up stories ambout pirates and princesses and monkeys. […]

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The day I hiked 12 miles

Today started like and other day got up at 6:30 and got some breakfast and started the drive to where we were hiking. Today’s the spot was Canyonlands. We did the trail Murphys Hogback, Murphys Wash, and Right Trail Road. It started as a 1 mile flat hike and then started to go down a […]

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The day I was a ranger

Today I had a way diffrent day then everyone else. I am going to let them tell you about the whole day and I am going to tell you about 1:30-3:00. In yesterday’s post you might remember I said Ranger Mike gave me a gift. Remember how I did not tell you what it was? […]

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The day I saw Delicate Arch

This morning we got up about 6:00 and were packed with breakfast in hand by 7:00. After eating we hit the road for the five hour drive to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Today I entertained myslf by sleeping and finishing my blog post from yesterday. I had a fine time in the car […]

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The day I saw Dispatch

It all started at about 8:00 when we woke up in Kimpton beds. My parents had some coffee and we packed up our first kimpton and left for the half hour drive to our friend’s house (the Stewarts) and stayed at their house for a little before we went out for lunch. At lunch I […]

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