Day 12

Today was the second to last day of hiking. Before breakfast we got to sleep in even if it was just for a few extra minutes it was one of the best mornings of the hike. Not being completely rushed was a real treat compared to what our mornings are normally like. Breakfast was amazing […]

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Day 9

Today started with a breakfast buffet from our hotel. I had Nutella toast again. Nutella is a very big thing here. I also had my first hot coco of the day. A bit into our hike we stopped at a little restaurant. I got a fruit cake and another hot coco. It was poring rain […]

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Day 8

Today started way to early at 5 am we woke up and got right to hiking skipping breakfast. I have had no idea what time it is all day but at some point close to when we stared hiking I had a granola bar and then another I think like 6 miles in. I didn’t […]

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Day 8( I think)

Its 930 and we are leaving at 530 tomorrow so its bed time but here is a brief summary of the food today. Breakfast we got from our hotel. It had croissants, eggs, toast, jams, and some other stuff I don’t remember. Then for lunch we got 3 pizzas to share before our hike. I […]

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Day 7

Today was once again a good eats day. It did start bad though. The breakfast that was provided to us was not good it was a yogurt and cereal and the yogurt was not good. Very sour. I did eat some bread though. A but into our hike we stopped and got some food and […]

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Day 6

Today was a good eats day. For breakfast I had half a apricot and a applesauce pack. It made me feel sick. Lucky a few hours into the hike we stopped at a little Cafe. We got two pieces of blueberry tart. It was very good. The crust was soft with a bit crunch on […]

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Day 4

Today is day 3 of my food blog. I want to start today’s Post with yesterday’s dinner because I finished my Post yesterday before dinner and dinner yesterday deserves a mention. For dinner yesterday me and my dad split half a chicken with mashed potatoes roasted vegetables and an onion garlic sauce. The chicken was […]

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Day 3

(This is from yesterdayyyyyty)  I feel like I need to make one thing clear 90% of the reason I’m on this trip is for the food. So with that being said my portion of the blog will be turned more into  A food blog. So this morning after my parents left for the day Zoe and […]

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Day something

I don’t understand time zones so this is either about day -1 0 1 2 or 3. It started with a early morning wake up from my mom at 930 I was not happy about this cause I’m never happy about being woken up . I finished some packing my backpacking. Then after my shower […]

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