We made it back to Switzerland! This was one of my favorite hikes of the week so far. We woke up bright and early at 4:55 and were promptly on the trail by 5:30. I don’t really much of what happened before 10:30. I ate some granola bars and strutted along my merry way.

At 10:30 just as we finished the mini downhill we found some bathrooms that had no indication they were private. They were outside with a huge sign that said toilet. We were very heavily scolded and got out as fast as we could.

We started making our ascent which honestly I was expecting to be harder. It wasn’t easy but it was 100% manageable. After a few hours we made it to the top. The top of the col was the border of Italy and Switzerland. It was beautiful and we had had a gorgeous picnic of foccia and salami.

For me, the descent was harder than the climbing part. It kept feeling like we were so close but then we still had 5 miles to go. Finally after what felt like forever we made it. Ellie and I quickly ran to the grocery store and grabbed ice cream for the fam. We ate a scrumptious dinner. And I am going to bed asap.

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