Made it!

We are in France!!!! I don’t know how long we have been here but it has been the best 2 days. So far I think that I have eaten all of the food there is to eat and drunken all the drinks there is to drink. We had a quick layover in Lisbon where we […]

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Day something

I don’t understand time zones so this is either about day -1 0 1 2 or 3. It started with a early morning wake up from my mom at 930 I was not happy about this cause I’m never happy about being woken up . I finished some packing my backpacking. Then after my shower […]

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Chicago to Geneva

What a whirlwind the last day (or 3? it’s been hard to track time) has been! We left Chicago late Monday night and I’m writing this from a bus to Chamonix, FR on Wednesday evening. I’m not going to do a play by play, but I will hit the highlights starting with last night’s dinner. […]

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Day 1 and 2: Chicago to Geneva

We have commenced THE adventure of our lifetime. In 2017, Zak and I set a goal to hike Tour du Mont Blanc in the summer of 2023. Our thinking was that it would be the last summer before Zoe begins her post high school plans and it would be the perfect graduation gift for both […]

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