“Rest day”

This morning we got to sleep in for the first time all trip. I slept so nice until I heard someone knocking on our door.

We went promptly up to the room our parents were sleeping in and were welcomed by an assortments of different croissants, bread, yogurt, and fruit. This was probably one of my favorite breakfasts of the trip so far. We sat oj the patio and watched all of the roof cats play and a helicopter make a lot of trips to the building next door and a nearby mountain. Qe had a lazyish start to the mourning and left the hotel at 10:30.

We walked around town for a little bit in search of breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. I can not wait to eat the olive foccia thst I got. Our only other thing to do before we left Italy was to eat pizza. We found a nearby restaurant and shared 3 pizzas. I don’t remember what was on them but all of them were scrumptious.

After a quick lunch it was time to start the hike. It was only 3 miles with about 2500 ft up. It only took a couple of hours and despite the steepness wasn’t that challenging. We

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