TMB Stage 5

“Crushing it, we’re crushing it. Hiking up a mountain and we’re crushing it.” Was both the song and theme of the day. In theory today was our rest day, and compared to the last four it was easy. Just 2.5 miles and 2,200 ft up. It turned out to be a very steep climb though, which would have made for a tough day if not for the incredibly positive attitude everyone had.

Look at those smiles!

I decided that that I would host a contest to see who crushed it the hardest that everyone quickly bought into. It was broadcast live with me as announcer. There were points, an official rule book, commercials, commentary, and more. We passed a sign at one point that said it would take us an hour to get to our refugio. I added a rule that if Ellie, who was leading us at the time, could get us there in under an hour she would get an automatic win.

Our first really good view of Mt Blanc

Despite a lengthy stop for photos at our first really good viewpoint of Mt. Blanc, she got us there with time to spare. She claimed the title of most crushing it for the day. As a prize she got to choose another family member to perform the official theme song of the Crushing It contest with me. She chose Zoe.

The morning was also a lot of fun today. For the first time on the hike we slept in, no alarms at all. Eventually, I went downstairs to pick up our laundry and discovered our breakfast just about finished. We enjoyed it on our patio with the girls as the cats scurried around. We were truly sad to have to leave Maison La Saxe, it’s one of the best hotels we’ve stayed at in all of our travels. I’d love to return to Courmayer again.

We found lunch at a pizza place and chose three that were all delicious. Now we’re hanging out on the deck of Rifugio Bertone strumming a uke, writing blogs, and drinking liters of beer and wine. I’m also trying to keep tomorrow out of my mind until tomorrow. It’s going to be a big day!

The view from the deck at Rifugio Bertone

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