TMB Stage 11

We did! We circumnavigated Mt. Blanc completely on foot! From the Les Houches gate through France, Italy, and Switzerland and right back to where we began in Les Houches! We crossed passes, climbed mountains, followed rivers, and even walked up some driveways along the way. I’m so proud of all of us for supporting and […]

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TMB Stage 10

Our original plan was for today to be mostly a rest day, but it decidedly was not. We realized yesterday that a couple tweaks to our route were needed. First, that the route we’d planned to walk to last night’s hotel and then up to Refugio Flegere would cause us to miss the ladder portion […]

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TMB Stage 9

For a difficult day of hiking, this one turned out to be quite lovely. The stats were big today! 10 miles, 4,000 feet each of up and down. Thankfully I was feeling pretty good the entire time. It helped that we were moving at a good steady pace all day as well. Just fast enough […]

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TMB Stage 7

Crazy that we’re already a week into this adventure. It seems like just yesterday we were in Les Houches taking pictures at the starting gate. If all goes according to plan we’ll be back there again in just four more days, this marathon seems to be flying by. We woke up this morning to the […]

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TMB Stage 6

WHEW! We made it! Today was by far the longest hike of the TMB for us. 16 mfing miles while hiking over 3,500 feet up and over 4,500 feet down (that’s right, nearly a mile down). From the time we booked this trip we knew that today was going to be the hardest. We’d planned […]

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TMB Stage 5

“Crushing it, we’re crushing it. Hiking up a mountain and we’re crushing it.” Was both the song and theme of the day. In theory today was our rest day, and compared to the last four it was easy. Just 2.5 miles and 2,200 ft up. It turned out to be a very steep climb though, […]

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TMB Stage 4

Before getting to today’s hike I think dinner last night deserves a small description. We were seated at a table with a young couple from Lithuania and a young single guy from Virginia who now lives in Dubai. The first course was a delicious risotto served from a giant pot rolled from table to table […]

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TMB Phase 3

Things finally started getting interesting on the trail today. Days 1 and 2 were pretty typical hiking days for me. They were beautiful and they were steps toward the much bigger goal. Today was that as well, but it was also more of the adventure I was hoping for. We all slept poorly last night. […]

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TMB Stage 2

Tonight we’re writing from L’Auberge de la Nova. The plan was for Molly and I to have a glass of wine while we did this, but the “town” we’re in is too small to have a place that sells glasses of wine. So we had to settle for buying the entire bottle, at 12€ that […]

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TMB Stage 1

The day we’ve been anticipating for years finally arrived! This morning we woke up early, 6 AM. We got in a quick cafe at the hotel, checked our bags, and caught the 7:00 bus to Les Houches. It wasn’t long, maybe 10 minutes until we made our first stop at a bakery for breakfast. After […]

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