Day 37: Conundrum Hot Springs

What a day!! It’s crazy that we are less than ten days until the end, but today was our first backpacking hike. Water is scarce in the desert, so we’ve had to wait until we got to Colorado. In a way I’m glad we’ve waited, since I felt totally 100% prepared. The hike was unlike […]

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Day 36: Basalt, Colorado

First, happy, happy birthday to my mom. In so many ways she is my rock, my confidant, my best friend, and my biggest fan. Today was a very laid-back day. Seems like we’ve had a lot of those recently. We are looking ahead to the next nine days filled with hiking and camping, so I’ll […]

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Day 35: Telluride and the Berrys

Picture this. Sleeping in as late as you want. Hot, dark coffee in a real mug, not a paper or styrofoam cup. Sitting on a porch looking out through a forest to a mountain range. Hummingbirds eating nector from nearby plants. Reading a book about growing up on a Navajo Reservation. Cool air as the […]

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Day 32: Arches National Park

My favorite day of the trip. No doubt. Hands down the best. We woke up early and grabbed coffee at Love Muffin, splurging on an latte. We were back to Arches shortly after 7:30 and to the Fiery Furnance trailhead by 8. This trail is quite unique, a maze of fins and boulders and we […]

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Day 31: Arches National Park

Perfection. That is the only word I can think of to describe the morning. Ellie had been nervous for actually seeing Ranger Mike. As excited as she was, I don’t think she knew how she was going to react and that made her nervous. Of course, she had nothing to worry about. We arrived at […]

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Day 29: Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde. We did our last tour today and once again were blown away by the feelings of wonder. Last March Zak snagged us tickets for the Mug House tour. This tour is special. Only given twice a week during the summer season and only in even years. The group size is restricted to 10 […]

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