Day 29: Olympic National Park

The firework show was spectacular last night. I’ve even heard that it was the number one firework show in the country according to USA Today. We joined thousands of others to enjoy the display and had a lot of fun in the process. One of the moments I won’t forget is breaking into the Marriott […]

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Days 27 and 28: Seattle

It turns out that we had one mission in Seattle…eat our way through it. I say, with little doubt, that we succeeded. We started yesterday off with a Pike Place tour (thank you Puigs!!) and what a blast it was. In addition to eating the most popular and famous tastes of Pike Place, we learned […]

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Day 26: Seattle

We woke up at Mount Rainier to the thickest fog I’ve encountered. Not only could we not see the majestic mountain, but we also couldn’t see five feet out the window in our room. It was super early, only 5:30, since we had hoped to rise early to get a good hike in before heading […]

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Day 25: Mount St. Helens

I can’t even begin to explain how good it felt to be back on the trail. We did a solid 10 miles today sandwiched between two 3 hour drives. And what a great day it was. We woke up early and spent the next hour futzing on our phones with the hope of scoring reservations […]

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Day 24: Portland

Today was all about good food, pride, roses, Kimptons, and drag queens. And it was perfect. We woke up in that ridiculous two story room to Kimpton coffee. We chilled for a bit before heading out to breakfast. We’d read that Voodoo Doughnut is the most popular doughnut in the city, but Blue Star is […]

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Day 23: Portland

Today was the day we learned what an awesome city Portland is. Our first stop was the oh so popular doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnut. Not a person we know who has spent time here has not recommended it. The choices were overwhelming, but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t go wrong. We ended up sharing a […]

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Day 22: Crater Lake to Portland

Today we made the journey from Crater Lake to Portland. We happily left the Crater Lake Lodge (which we don’t recommend) and headed north. We took the more scenic route and found ourselves passing through small towns as the gorgeous Oregon landscape surrounded us. Orchards and vineyards encircled us and the silhouettes of mountains lined […]

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Day 21: Crater Lake Lodge

I did go outside today. A couple of times. To take pictures of the falling snow. And once because I was getting a little stir crazy. I guess you could call it a rest day. I woke up at six this morning and opened the bathroom drape to an audible, “Ohhhh!” The huge Crater Lake […]

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Day 20: Crater Lake National Park

My excitement level had been so high going into today. We’ve never been to Crater Lake and are beginning a long string of new-to-us places. The unknown awaits and I get really excited about the potential that brings. Our drive up north from Medford was beautiful and we definitely entered the Oregon forests I’ve imagined. […]

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Day 19: Grant’s Pass

Today was a very pleasant day full of not a lot of adventure. We had a few errand-y things to accomplish, and today was the perfect day to get them done. Trips to Walgreens to refill a prescription, Costco for gas, Trader Joe’s (again!!!) for dinner, and a barber for a haircut. Pepper in some […]

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