Twin Sisters

Today there was redemption.

Seven years ago, when the girls were 9 and 7, we climbed our first mountain ever. Twins Sisters in Rocky Mountain NP. Zak had suggested it and I remember cussing him out under my breath the whole hike up. This silly climbing a mountain thing was his idea, his dream, and who was he to make us tag along when it was soooo hard. But then we got to the top. And everything I thought I wanted in life shifted to include climbing all the mountains. We’ve since summited 20 peaks.

There are actually two summits to Twin Sisters. In 2015, we proudly made it to the lower one, the more popular one, the one with the established trail. Both girls and Zak asked me if we could summit the other one too. I shot that down so fast. Why would we need to be at the top of another peak, when we were literally sitting at the top of one already?? I have lived to regret that decision as Ellie has NEVER let me forget it. I had promised that we’d be allowed to do both this year.

It was definitely an easier summit, but that doesn’t mean it was a breeze. There was still 2800 feet of gain and some intense switchbacks in the 3.7 miles to the saddle. The views up we’re spectacular and each mile reminded us of that first summer of mountain climbing.

We reached the summit, tried to recreate some of the photos from seven years ago, and I happily allowed everyone to head down to head back up to the other peak. I’m a good mom.

The other peak was higher, steeper, and had no established trail. We scrambled up 90 feet of rock. We were completely capable and actually love this kind of hiking. BUT! I decided to stand by my decision from seven years ago. We were not at all prepared to successfully get to the top, and if we had, I guarantee, it would not have been fun.

Ellie had decided to bring a dress to the summit. She changed into it and took some of the most darling photos. Completely unrealistic, and not an accurate look into what we do in the summers, but she looked darn cute.

So there it is. After seven years af being called the party pooper, I have redeemed myself. We have summited both peaks of Twin Sisters.

Here are the girls’ posts from the first time we did Twin Sisters. ❤️❤️❤️

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