Arrivée en Les Hauches

We made it to our starting/end point for when we do the hike. We started the day in a patisserie and my dad and I shared le petit dejuner which came with a bunch of bread and jams. Also the best orange juice in the world. I only like orange juice when it has pulp and this was thick with it. The table next to us won though. They had every square inch of their table covered with food: eggs, bacon, fruit salad, giant sandwich, quiches, croissant, biggest basket of bread you’ve ever seen, there was a salady thing. Every food you could think of was there.

I had already packed up so I went onto the little terrace and drank another free cappuccino. We caught a bus to Les Houches we checked into our cute hotel. There are bunch of different games and decorations. We walked to the much smaller downtown. There were lots of restaurants some small stores that were packed with meat and wine.

We went to a place for lunch where I got a medetranian board that had so many olives, hummus, tzatki, salad, and fried cheese. It was so good. Literally scrumptious. We headed back to the hotel and packed our back packs for tomorrow. I got in charge of carrying the gummy worms!

We spent the afternoon hanging out outside. It was kind of boring because no one wanted to play at the park with me. But! I did get to enjoy watching 2 guys film their entire game of ping-pong switching camera angles very often.

Also everyone wants me to talk about my dinner last night. I spend 45 minutes deciding what to order and landed on the pasta Carbonera. After already eating snails I didn’t think my palate would get more adventurous. Then when my pasta came out there was a shot glass with a raw egg in it. I was internally panicking as everyone else was getting their food. I though I had to take a shot. Of raw egg. And I was scared of how rude they thought I would be when I didn’t take the shot. I asked my dad and it turns out you mix if in the pasta. It was very good!

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