Today basically started last night because I did not sleep at all. The bunks creaked whenever someone moved an inch the entire bunk bed would creak, there was thunderstorms all night, and it was a very uncomfortable bed. We woke up to lighting and thunder. We quickly ate the provided breakfast which was so unappetizing I just ate 2 pieces of baguette.

We piled on out rain coats and rain pants and started. It was miserable. The sky was literally dark and constant thunder and lighting surrounded us. I was freezing cold and hiking up the road with the busses going past did not help. Just as the rain was kind of going away we made it to the first refugio. I thought it was abandoned until we were greeted by someone asking us if we wanted coffee. I have never drank a cup of hot coffee so fast in my life. It was so good. We also shared a ham and cheese crepe which was scrumptious.

After that nice cozy break we started going way up. It was still pouring rain but I was sweating from going up. Before long the hail started. I looked at the forecast at the refugio and there was a word that translated to raining-snow on it. I didn’t know what that meant but now we all fully do. These hails were larger than marbles and pelted you. Like it really hurt a lot. And we had to go through 2 long hail storms on our ascent. It was miserable and this day would not have been that hard if it wasn’t for all of the rain.

Eventually we made it to the col, which im pretty sure it the French term for saddle. At the top I was talking to this French guy about his whiskey and pretty soon my parents were drinking with them. It was a happy joyous moment. We quickly started heading down again and before long saw the refugio that we were staying at.

My dad and I checked in and then we tried to take showers. My sister went first and based on the amount of tears from her and the fact they were out of shower tokens I decided it wasn’t even worth the try. I washed off with a towel and called it a day.

Dinner was super good and the people at our table were really fun. We ended up spending the evening playing card games with them. It was a couple from Lithuania and a guy from Virginia who lived in Dubai. They served us our risotto appetizer which I did not realize was just the starter so I ate a bowl and a half of it. (The guy from Virginia ate 5 and the workers were so amazed they took his photo) then we got our dinner which was pork i was already do full I gave most of mine to Ellie and picked at the rest.

I am going to sleep so good tonight I am manifesting that right now. It was actually such a fun day despite the weather.

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  1. Sounds like one “hail” of a day. “Pain and Pleasure ” Hope the weather clears up.

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