Day 400

We just did the most exhausting 2 days ever. We hiked like 12 miles each day and climbed an average of 4000ft which is a lot. Like a lot. Feet are falling off of my ankles and my knees off of my thighs. Sitting up and standing down from dinner made me feel like a 98 year old.

Today started with a lot of uphill. It was pretty much just straight up like ladders are more angled than this. It was pretty much straight uo for a solid 7 miles. My legs are going to be buff af after this. We saw so many donkeys, which are one of my favorite animals so that was very cute. I asked one if it would like to be in the burro fest with me next year and it promptly shook its head no.

We also saw sheep which were adorable. They were wearing cowbells and were all squished together. I spent the entire hike trying to remember the French word for sheep and finally at the last mile I got it. We saw a lot of cows and a guy petting them. When I grow up I might be a cow caretaker so I can spend my life just putting them.

One of my favorite parts of the hike is meeting people and we got to meet so many cute people today. My favorite though is a guy from Germany.

We stopped about 4 miles in for a little break. My dad said that if there was beer at the next corner we would stop, and there was! We shared a blueberry tart which was delicious and very fun to have in the middle of a hike. After that we continued going up. I thought my legs were going to fall off. Thank god they didn’t but it was close.

At the top we stopped for lunch where I devoured a bowl of mostacholi. I don’t even know of it was good but I devoured it. Finally, it was time to go down. Personally I prefer the up to down because it hurts a lot less and you have more control. But we went down the mountain we climbed up.

We finally made it to the refugio at 5 where I devoured an Orgina. It is the best drink ever and I’ve never seen it in the US, its sparking orange juice BUT WITH PULP!! So good, I downed it do fast. We showered and ate dinner. I know ellie already talked about it so ill let her do that.

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  1. I fell in love with Orangina when I studied in Paris in 1973. Still love it! Michael and I 3v3n made up a song about it. 😃 Your trip sounds amazing, enjoy!

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