Going to Mount St. Helens

This morning we woke up early and booked a hotel room in Zion for in a year. Our destination for the day was Mount St. Helen’s. After we waited an hour for the bathroom to open. We started off on the trail. The hike was beautiful there were views of the volcano the whole home. […]

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Arriving in Portland!

Today was a very weird day. We woke up at 6:30 and checked out. After my dad and another guy complained to the front desk about the management (the other guy had random people walk into his room in the middle of the night and we met him yesterday.) We were on the road. Our […]

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Game Day at Crater Lake

This morning we woke up to it snowing. I don’t know the exact temperature because no internet but it was cold. Really cold. We made a change of plans and decided to have a game day. We played 11 games and I only won one. One!! That’s very unlike me. And, the one I did […]

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Exploring Grands Pass

This morning we all slept in late. Like the latest we have slept in all trip at 8:00. After we all got out of bed we had some breakfast. I had a giant pancake which was good. We then drove to Grands Pass and made Ellie a haircut for 1:00. We walked around the town […]

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Going to Oregon Caves NM

Well, today was not what we expected but it was still fun. We arrived at Oregon Caves NM no later than 11:30. We had some PBJ&C for lunch at a little (large) picnic table. At 12:00 we went to the Visitors Center and got some stickers and got our tickets for the tour. My mom […]

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Changing Plans at Redwood NP

Well, today was one of the days where we had to change plans. We were at Redwoods NP before they opened and were among the first in the visitors center. We went to pick up or backpacking permit and signed all of the papers. One of the things though was bolded in red and said […]

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Seeing the Ocean and Big Rocks

We made it to the ocean!! It should have been a 3 hour drive but we did so much. We went to the Red Bluff Farmers market, Trader Joe’s, Old Navy, windiest road in the worls, Lunch at Mamma Llama, Big Foot, New hotel, and explored the ocean. We started our adventure by going to […]

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