Angel’s Landing

Today was such a fun day! We hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing. It wasn’t that bad at all over all except my legs are sore now. I was not looking forward to today but it ended up being really good.

The first part of the hike was a bunch of large switchbacks. It was really fun to after each one to look down and see all the way that we had hiked up. After a little bit of those and a stroll through the canyon we were at Walter’s Wiggles.

Walter’s wiggles was another series of switchbacks that were very short and steep. Also, it was promised by my father that there would be a guy named Walter twerking at the top. Most of the things my dad says is made up but this seamed to insane to be fake. Lo and behold the was no one twerking at the top. I was thoroughly disappointed.

Also, during Walter’s Wiggles I was like a decent amount in front of my family and there was there 3 buff college guys passing everyone like goin so fast. I made it my goal to beat them to the top. And I did. They were following me like 10 steps behind the entire time and whenever they sped up I would too. I hope that puts them in their place.

After we started going to the top of one rock we started the legit push to the top of Angel’s Landing. IT WAS SO FUN. Also slightly scary but more fun. You had to hold onto these chains that were attached to the mountain and use all of your arm and leg muscle to pull yourself up to the top without dying.

I love scrambling and climbing so this was like a dream. The top views were so pretty I loved ot so much. And everyone was so nice. We all cheered for eachother and helped eachother when we needed it. Pure perfection! I loved it. I would do if again tomorrow if thay was allowed.

The way down was super quick and we made it down before either 2 or 3 I can’t remember. We stopped for peanut butter and jelly I don’t think any of us could stomach cheetos. We made it down pretty quickly and spent the afternoon watching deer, and sitting outside. It was perfect!

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