Day 10: Rest Day at Zion

We all slowly awoke this morning in a good amount of pain. We all had sore arms, from using using the chains like our life depended on it. (They did.) Our legs were sore from the 4000 feet of gain of the past two days. Today was our rest day and we did just that.

We went into Springdale for lunch and a stop at the grocery store for more water. While we were at lunch, Ellie asked if she could ride the shuttle to The Narrows with Zoe and check it out. I could count the number of times on one hand that, within the last year, Ellie asked to do something with Zoe. It was a lovely sister moment.

We returned to the lodge, got all sunscreened up again, filled the packs with snacks, and took off in two directions. Zak and I hiked in the Emerald Lake area and the girls got on a shuttle toward the Narrows. When we were done hiking we grabbed beers at the Bavarian Beer Garden. (I’ve said it before, and stand by my statement, every hike should end with a Bavarian beer garden.) We (I) anxiously awaited for the girls to return.

They did, with the biggest grins on their faces and the best Instagram worthy photos of frolicking in the Virgin River.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, cleaning up, and rehydrating. We had a lovely dinner at the lodge and are spending the evening sipping whiskey under the gigantic canyon walls, while the girls play catch with a baseball among the deer who are munching on their dinner.

Hopefully pics tomorrow. 🀞

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