Day 6: Father’s Day

I sure lucked out. I have the best, most patient, hardest working dad ever. AND I have the most hilarious, compassionate partner in parenting. I recognize how fortunate the girls and I are to have these two great men in our lives. Zak and I had planned on going for an early morning bike ride, […]

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Happy fathers day!! I’m so lucky to have the best dad who plans all these cool trips and hikes. I said earlier I want to be as creative and organized as dad is when I am older. I love to listen to him play ukulele especially Taylor Swift and his originals. Thanks for being the […]


I Wish It Would Rain Down

Oh you know I wish it would rain, rain down on me now Ooh yes I wish it would rain, down on me Yes you know I wish it would rain, rain down on me Just rain down on me Phil Collins Thank you for a wonderful Father’s Day fam! It was raining today, which […]

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Happy Father’s day!! Today was a low-key day for us. We had breakfast then my dad opened his presents. Zoe and I got him a new Lego set it was a 3 in one set a tiger a fish and a fox! My mom got him two new games and we played one of them […]

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