How Do You Talk To An Angel

It’s like trying to catch a falling star

The Heights

Phew, what a day! We woke up at Bryce Canyon, loaded up Fred and were on the road before 8 this morning. The destination was Zion NP. The two hour drive was relatively easy except for my credit card being locked in a gas pump for a while. (The pump eventually relented and gave it back)

The real destination was the top of Angel’s Landing. Although we’ve been to Zion several times we’d always avoided this trail because of it’s reputation for being overcrowded, and deadly. When the park service moved it to a permit system we were excited that the limited amount of people would make it a safer hike. We were even more excited when we entered and won a slot in the lottery.

The hike up to the start of the Angel’s Landing trail was much like many others we’ve done. We were a bit disappointed that there were no tweaking Wallys at the top of the Walter’s Wiggles section though. We made it through all four sections of the hike in about an hour.

That is where the trail changed from something very familiar to a trail that was unlike anything we’d done before. The trail was mostly class 3 with a lot of roped sections. There were some pretty dicey spots with extreme exposure, sometimes on both sides. For me the scariest spot was a section where the trail was only a few feet wide with 1,000 foot drops in either direction. We moved slowly and carefully on each section and eventually found ourselves at the top with magnificent views of Zion Canyon in all directions. I’m incredibly proud of all of us for making it up, and down, safely.

We spent the afternoon resting and drinking and are enjoying sitting on the porch of the Zion Lodge right now watching deer munch grass as we write our posts. I’d really like to start offering people $5 to ride a deer, but I think Molly would frown on that.

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