Driving to Utah

Today was a very boring day. I woke up an accidentally hour late and had 15 minutes to shower, pack, and get ready. I was in destress.

Our first stop of the day was Safeway. We picked up some stuff to make peanut butter and jelly, muffins, and other miscellanious stuff. We quickly arrived to the four corners monument. Personally, thinking about being in 4 states is much cooler than actually being in them.

After that ot was back on the road! I listened to Daisy Jones and the Six and American Royalty on the car ride. Both I love but Daisy Jones is one of my least favorite TAylor Jenkins Reid books so far.

Then after what felt like a very short drive we arrived at the best place ever! I like Bryce so much. If it wasn’t a national park I would build a shack and live there for the rest of my live. It is truly breathtaking. Like unimaginable. If you think the grand canyon is cool just wait until you see Bryce. I have a Bryce Necklace thanks to the Otts and whenever I wear it I jit feel so happy! Tomorrow we are doing the figure 8 hike and I legit can not control my excitement.

For dinner we went into Tropic and I wont rhe night with a $5 quesidilla.

2 thoughts on “Driving to Utah

  1. β€œ Personally, thinking about being in 4 states is much cooler than actually being in them.” haha- probably true! This reminded me of a quote that Amber Shares would make a poster from! Are you familiar with her work and Subpar Parks series? I’ve never been to Bryce Canyon but your description makes it jump to the top of the list! Hope you have a great trip, Zoe and family!!

  2. A Bryce necklace in Bryce! Perfection!! Also those cabins are cute cute. We are definitely going to have to do some Daisy Jones and TJR talk.

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