Centennial Peak

Woohoo! Today we sumitted our first mountain of the trip!

The scariest part of today was possibly the drive in. It was like a road full of literally boulders and Fred was twisting and turning and going in all directions a car is not supposes to go in. I was petrified.

The hike to the saddle was not bad at all. We go lt upp pretty quickly. Then the hard part kicked in. You had to scramble t9 the top on super loose rocks and it’s an almost 90Ā° steep incline. IT WAS SO FUN!!! You had to plan out a route and hope and cross your fingers you weren’t the cause of a new avalanche.

The top was super pretty but also incested with flies. We took a quick snack break and turned right back around. Going down was a lot harder! My knees were in so much pain and a thunderstorm was heading right towards us. We got down as fast as we good. Next time we are bringing sleds though for extra speed.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in Mancos, I did some yoga at home and tomorrow we get to sleep in! I’m sorry for the short post but I’m exhausted.

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