This morning Ellie and I had the mission of eating a chocolate croissant and a crepe. The 2 of us left the hotel around 10. We started walking towards the cafe but then impromptuly decided to go to a closer one that looked just as good and was only 50 steps away. We ordered our chocolate croissants and sat outside watching everyone walk by.

We walked around the little downtown more doing a lot of window shopping and people watching. I got a fresh squeezed orange juice that I saw her make in front of me. I savored every sip of it even the seeds! We went through all the little patisseries looking at the assortment of desserts and macarons and chocolate.

Before we knew it we were getting a little bit bored. We decided to walk up a side street that happened to have the place I found for us for lunch on it. We sat down and decided to share a crepe and a cheese plate. The cheese plate came loaded with different types of cheese and baguette. The crepe had ham and cheese which was also delicious.

While the two of us were walking back to the hotel we found our parents in a dessert shop and took the opportunity to have them buy us giant meringues and macarons. We all went back to the terrace by the river and indulged. I enjoyed the free cappuccinos while we hung out.

For dinner I really want to get escargot but we will see! It was the perfect day.

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