Fiery Furnace

Its been a long time since I’ve written a post but I’ve had so much fun lately! We went back home and I got to see all my friends all day every day. My friends and I had a little 4th of July celebration and lots of Starbucks drives, and shopping filling in the 4 days.

Yesterday was really nice. We didn’t have anything planned so I filled the day by reading A Good Girls Guide to Murder in one day. I’ve read a lot recently including Maybe in Another Life, The sequel to American Royals, I started Followers, and Good Girl Bad Blood.

I tried to wake up at 6:00 but this alarm thing does not work in Colorado apperantly. I’ve slept in every day. I was awoken at 6:30 I quickly showered and pulled my hair up and was ready to go.

We got there around 9:30 and started hiking by 10:30. I love hikes like this all the different scrambling and climbing and climbing up but then forgetting you have to find a way back down. It’s all my favorite!

The only issue was that it was no joke 115° and walking through 8 inches of sand while sweat is literally waterfalls off of you is not the best. We all looked so cool though I’m sure everyone walking past us thought “OMG, they have built in water fountains, that’s so cool!” When we got back to the car I had salt coming out of me. It was so gross.

Ellie and mom I’m sure will tell you about the lock fiasco so I’ll spare you that story. I will say I was incharge of holding the ladder as my dad closed it so that step was pretty crucial.

One of the best parts about actually having a house here now is we don’t have to out for dinner. I am not a fan of burgers or any sort of beef or steak so ordering a Cesar salad or chicken tenders every night is boring. But! Last night I got to have grilled chicken with buffalo and blue cheese and tonight we had chicken tacos and it was all so scrumptious.

We are waking up at 6 again tomorrow so I need to go to bed asap but I’m excited for tomorrow’s hike!

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