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Led Zeppelin

It turns out Moab is just a day trip from Mancos. The girls did it on spring break last year, but doing it today made it seem much more realistic. I thought we’d be home late, but we made it back in the late afternoon with plenty of time to make dinner and deal with a near catastrophe.

Before I get to the catastrophe I think I should tell about our day in the Fiery Furnace, our reason for visiting Moab. This has long been one of Ellie’s (and all of our) favorite hikes. There wasn’t a single complaint about waking up early, the hike ahead, or the temperature as we stepped out of the car at the trailhead.

We hit all our favorite features. I even proved that 42 isn’t too old to make it through Crawl Through Arch. We also had a pleasant lunch under Surprise Arch. The only downside was the 100+ degree temperature. The park was almost eerily empty for a Saturday in July. I’m sure the timed entry system they implemented this year partially explains it, but I couldn’t help thinking that it was also a continuation of lower attendance we noticed at Bryce and Zion.

We made it back home uneventfully, and that was when the catastrophe struck. Ellie walked up the stairs to her room and announced she was locked out. I figured it would be a simple matter of popping the pin. It wasn’t. Go read Ellie and Molly’s for a full description, but here are my notes:

1) Our builder had some great attention to detail, but overlooked this one. Thanks for the excitement?

2) Molly is great at climbing ladders. I think she should be in charge of our window and solar panel washing from now on.

3) Molly asked us to say nice things at her funeral before she started her climb. I would have had plenty to say, bit I’m glad I won’t need to.

4) We immediately fixed the door knob installations so hopefully we won’t need to deal with problem again.

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