TMB Stage 2

Tonight we’re writing from L’Auberge de la Nova. The plan was for Molly and I to have a glass of wine while we did this, but the “town” we’re in is too small to have a place that sells glasses of wine. So we had to settle for buying the entire bottle, at 12€ that […]

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TMB Stage 1

The day we’ve been anticipating for years finally arrived! This morning we woke up early, 6 AM. We got in a quick cafe at the hotel, checked our bags, and caught the 7:00 bus to Les Houches. It wasn’t long, maybe 10 minutes until we made our first stop at a bakery for breakfast. After […]

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Day 4: Les Houches

Tomorrow is the start of our hike! It got pretty real today as we made our way from Chamonix to Les Houches, the unofficial starting point of the TMB. We even bought a paper map of the route at the visitor’s center. This afternoon we doubled checked all the gear. I removed each item from […]

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Day 3: Chamonix

When planning this trip we had originally intended we would fly in today, then some things happened and we decided it made sense to come earlier. That change meant that we were able to spend today in Chamonix! Backtracking just slightly, we also had a delightful evening here last night. We intended to go out […]

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Chicago to Geneva

What a whirlwind the last day (or 3? it’s been hard to track time) has been! We left Chicago late Monday night and I’m writing this from a bus to Chamonix, FR on Wednesday evening. I’m not going to do a play by play, but I will hit the highlights starting with last night’s dinner. […]

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Salida, CO

For the first 12 hours of today I drove from Omaha to Salida. I stopped for gas three times. I tried to stop at Starbucks, but the line was crazy long so I didn’t even park the car. I did finish HHGTTG and listened to some music and news. It worked out that I was […]

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Summer 23

All the Knotts are going to make a noble effort at blogging the summer of ’23 and I’m kicking it off tonight. It’s going to be a different summer than many of the past years. To start, there is no road trip. From now ’til mid-July we’ll be Mancos based. The second half of summer […]

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