Training Hike 02/02/2020

With the temperature hitting 50 here in Chicago on Sunday there would be absolutely no excuse for failing to spend some time on the trail. We had to make do with a quick jaunt through the woods, but at least we were able to enjoy the weather for a bit as we whet our appetites […]

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SBXX: Joshua Tree NP

For spring break this year we’ll be taking a mini road trip through southeast California. I’ve already written an overview of the plan, and now want to provide additional insight into each of the parks we’ll visit as well as how we will spend time outside the parks. Our first destination will be Joshua Tree […]

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SBXX: Overview

While we’re all excited for and eagerly counting down to RTXX (128 days), there is an even closer event that we need to start getting ourselves psyched up for – SPRING BREAK! Just 51 days from now we’ll depart for for southern California for a week of hiking, backpacking, and of course a bit of […]

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Plan For Vacation Day

I’m usually happy to jump on board celebrating made up holidays. Especially the lesser known ones like today’s “National Plan For Vacation Day”. Like most of these holidays, plan for vacation day is an invention of people with a vested interest in separating us from our cash. Its inventor, the U.S. Travel Association, is an […]

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The Spirit of Diggins

Happy Holiday! It’s been another year full of adventure, fun, tears, hiking, arguing, drinking, love, driving, dining, and more for us. #RTXIX is in the books (or more literally on this website). We jumped into our dream of some day living in SW Colorado with both feet after finding the perfect property there. We’ve all […]

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TTXIX (Thanksgiving Trip ’19)

We have a rule that blogging is completely optional except for during the summer road trips where it becomes a daily requirement. However, Ellie decided to write about each day of our mini Thanksgiving trip this year and I decided that I couldn’t let her be the only one. I guess it’s just the nostalgia […]

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Good Things

See I can see good things for you and IYeah good things for you and I The BoDeans We’re obviously in love with this place. We think we chose the perfect land. Our only wish now is that we had a place to shower and cook so we wouldn’t have to keep leaving for hotels […]

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Only The Wild Ones

So in love with the falling earthOh you wake in the middle of the falling nightWith the summer playing coy Dispatch Molly mentioned today that as we get close to the end of the trip I seem to be getting reflective and a bit sad. She’s right, and of course she is as well. We […]

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High, higher than the sunYou shoot me from a gunI need you to elevate me here U2 At least a little bit of elevation today, anyway! Before we get there though I need to backtrack a bit to yesterday and our arrival in Durango. We camped Monday night at CO Home, so woke up and […]

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Off the Ground

Though it takes a lot of power To make a bog tree grow. It doesn’t need a pot of knowledge. For a seed knows what a seed must know. Paul McCartney Yet another 5 star day in SW Colorado. It’s just after nine now and we’re all settled into our tents. The last 15 minutes where a chaotic […]

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