Tomoro ย we are leving. So I ย hafe to say good bye to evere thin . Like my fish and my bed my desk ย also my toys . It is my last time ย dowing evre thingn it is the last time sleeping in my bed and showering at ย home.It is my last time eting at home […]

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Back seat entertainment

We have a lot of stuff in the backseat to entertain us. We have sketch what journals, summer workbooks, notebooks, game boys, tablets, books, and games.       Some games. Pencil box. Books to do in the car. Game boy.  

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Just hours

We started the official countdown for this trip at some point in November. I remember Zak adding “Road Trip” to his countdown app, which also included Christmas break, Osmond Brother Fan Appreciation Cruise, and the National Restaurant Association show. Somehow the days slowly dwindled from the 170s to where we are now. Hours. Each morning […]

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