Day 14

Wow! Already day 14. That’s crazy to me. It seems like we just left, but at the same time, that we’ve lived a whole life. Today was good. I decided at the beginning that I wasn’t going to sugar-coat these days. I am the first to admit my tend to get crabby at home. On […]

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Wynn buffet

Today for breakfast we went to the Wynn buffet. I had a lot of food. I had Salmon pizza, french toast, lox, and a lot more. It was all delicious. After we finish driving the 5 and 1 half hours we are going to swim again in Sana Barbara.

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Today we went to the wine . It was all you can eat .I had to much after we drive 5 hwers wwe are going  swim. .

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Santa Barbara / Kimpton

I just read Molly’s post and she pretty much covered the day. Not a lot happened today. Breakfast at Wynn (which was good, but not quite as good as it used to be perhaps it’s time to start looking for a new breakfast buffet), a long drive that Molly did most of, and then the […]

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Day 13

Las Vegas to Santa Barbara. We woke early (again), packed our posh room at The Signature, and headed to Wynn for buffet. I don’t usually do a buffet, but it’s Vegas and you only live once. It was very nice. Great food, none of it gross, and amazing people watching (yet again.) I’m not sure […]

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