Santa Barbara / Kimpton

I just read Molly’s post and she pretty much covered the day. Not a lot happened today. Breakfast at Wynn (which was good, but not quite as good as it used to be perhaps it’s time to start looking for a new breakfast buffet), a long drive that Molly did most of, and then the late afternoon/evening at the awesome Goodland. Molly asked me to write about the Kimpton game we’re playing, so I’ll outline it briefly.

When we decided to take this trip I knew that we’d be spending a lot of time in hotels. We’ve always liked Holiday Inns so I decided to sign us up for the IHG credit card. One of the perks of the credit card is super elite status at Holiday Inns which is worth pretty much nothing. BUT, I also learned that Kimpton Hotels will match status, so I was able to get us Kimpton Inner Circle status for the trip with IS AWESOME!

At this stay we got upgraded to an awesome suite, had an amazing spread of treats and toys in the room when we got there, got a great (complimentary) appetizer at dinner, get a bar credit, and much more. We also have several other Kimpton stays to look forward to on the trip because part of the game is that if you stay in 10 different properties in a year you get 2 free nights, plus another free night for each 7 stays, plus free nights in new hotels, and so on. In any case, everyone is very happy with the accommodations for the evening. Going back to the Holiday Inn in a couples nights be be a bit of a culture shock.

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