ZAKFacts – Tree Edition

Today nothing happened. We woke up, ate breakfast, got in the car and drove. There was a stop for lunch in Wells, NV. There was a Target run and pizza for dinner. There was writing and repacking. Nothing happened. So, instead of writing about today I wanted to share a bit about what we’ve learned […]

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Day 22

Today was a big driving one. The second longest one of the trip, with the first day being the longest. We slept in until 8, ate breakfast at the Holiday Day I had been to 45 states (all by car!) and today I can change that number to 46. First time in Idaho, less potatoes […]

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Today we took a shuttle to the top of a mountain and then climdΒ  down. It was prettyΒ  . my mom got sick 4 times.thar wer wootr folks . it wus 9 miles.

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Yesterday we climbed down a mountain. It was not as fun as I expected it to be. My mom got sick. We did not see any bears. But we did see a lot of waterfalls. We saw them at the very beginning and they were sapper small. As we got closer they got bigger we […]

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Day 21

Yosemite! Thanks to Facebook memories, we realized this morning that it was exactly five years ago, to the day, that we were in Yosemite. We started the day early. All awake by 5 and on the road by 5:30. It was one of those crazy drives that I’ve learned to hate, something like 35 miles […]

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