Another Hike and Capitol Rreaf

Today was another big hike. Unlike yesterday nothing very dermatic happened. Today we hiked 6 miles. We hiked around a canyon through it and around it. During our hike Ellie and me found a bunch of lizards and named them. The names were Fred, Lizzie, Lily, Sweetheart, Ellie, Zoe, Scurrie, Grandma, Grandpa, Timmie and other […]

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Today we hiked 7 mils In btis. We wint  on the roing trial the Zoe wus frikin ot .thar wus prite madaieins . we got a bag for fining4.

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Today we sow 12  lizard I namd then all 1 wus Ellie and Fred Liz and then Zoe and speede and one beel  and grandma and grandpa lily and one of the best one whose special and speed and Anabelle.

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Bryce Canyon

I mentioned in an earlier post how Bryce Canyon was a big part of the inspiration for taking this trip. Today it lived up to my expectations and more. The view from the top of the amphitheater is absolutely awe-inspiring, but the draw of the hoodoos attracts visitors to make the descent. We decided to hike the Figure […]

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Day 8

Bryce Canyon! I was first here when I was in 5th grade, on a three week road trip with my family. We did National Park road trips every summer from then on, but Bryce always remained one of my favorites, we even named a pet cat Bryce. (And another one Mitchell after the Mitchell Corn […]

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Cool shower

Zoe mentioned the cool showers in Moab, Utah. She wasn’t joking. Hands down the most fun shower head ever. Thanks to Amazon, we’ll have one waiting for us when we return home.

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