Today started with a giant misstep. More accurately about 200 vertical feet of missteps, actually. After parking just a bit below the Twin Sisters Trailhead we continued walking up the road and were very quicklky presented with a difficult choice. Over a wooden bridge there was a sign with lots of safety type information, a […]

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Day 3

We are all laying in bed now, watching the Blackhawks, sipping those beverages we brought along, all absolutely exhausted. At least I am. As sore as my legs and back are, it is my mind that is just done for the day. We hiked a mountain today. A real mountain! All the way to the […]

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Climbing a Mountain

Today we climbed a mountain. It was a lot of fun. I would probably would never of climbed a mountain if it weren’t for this trip. All I saw was beautiful mountains. Today on the hike I got a lot of exercise. We were at the very top of a mountain. I felt very exited […]

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Today we climd a moine.It wus 7 mils.I am so tird. I saw a lot of snow and beautiful mountains when I was high. Going so high made me feel sick. I am so glad that I made it. It was so fun. I thought it was going to be hard, but it actually was […]