Today we climd a moine.It wus 7 mils.I am so tird. I saw a lot of snow and beautiful mountains when I was high. Going so high made me feel sick. I am so glad that I made it. It was so fun. I thought it was going to be hard, but it actually was not too hard. It was very steep and we went the wrong way at first. We ended up at a camp and we had to turn around and go the other way. There were a lot of rocks. Some were very big and some were very small. The snow was deep and some parts were shallow and icy. I ate a sandwich and a cosmic brownie and I ate goldfish. When I was all done I felt so good that I made it. It was really fun because I got to see such beautiful things and also the beautiful view of other mountains. I cannot wait to hike more. This road trip will be fun.







One thought on “CLIMING A MOINTIN

  1. Ellie, I am so proud of you!!! You can tell all of your friends that you climbed a mountain. I bet you are tired. Sweet dreams tonight, so you will be well rested for tomorrow.

    love, Grandma.

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