The spread of COVID-19 in the United States is threatening to overwhelm our medical system. We can all act now to prevent this outcome by simply staying home. In this video I explain the exponential function, how it relates to COVID-19, and how we can act to slow it down.Please stay home and encourage others […]


Day 15: Lassen Volcanic

It wasn’t a bad day by any means, but it won’t go down as the best day of rtxix. We had heard that there was too much snow to backpack, but I wasn’t expecting to not do any hiking. Our plans changes a bunched of time and each time we were let down.When we walked […]

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The day I saw artist point

Today I woke up hearing my dad saying to my Mom shhh you will wake Ellie up. I have to say if there was a award best at waking me up, my family would win it.🐶(random dog)Anyway We went for a before hike swim which was pretty awesome. Then we hiked up to artist point. […]

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Hiking to Artists Point

I’m going to start this post by talking about last night. We were planning on getting some thing from the grocery store and having a little picnic. After the very long car ride we got to the very crowded grocery store. Apperaltly, we were all remembering the store wrong and when we were expecting to […]

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