The day I saw artist point

Today I woke up hearing my dad saying to my Mom shhh you will wake Ellie up. I have to say if there was a award best at waking me up, my family would win it.🐶(random dog)Anyway We went for a before hike swim which was pretty awesome. Then we hiked up to artist point. Artist point is one of the most unpopular hikes. During the hike I only saw 3 other people: Zoe, my dad, and my mom. At the top of artist point we could see a million things: El capitan, Bridalveil falls, 2 more waterfalls and the whole valley. It might have been my favorite hike of the trip. After returning we did the second hike, the easiest hike, bridalveil falls. It was easy and we quickly snapoed some pics then headed out to grab a soda and start writing. I had orange soda. Then we went to our tent. It had canvas walls and we had to get all our food in a locker to keep it from the bears. Then we went back to the car to get clothes. When we got back we had a note from a ranger saying we had a warning because Zoe left her soda out. Oh Zoe. What will we do with you? After that we got dressed for dinner and headed out to finish posts in the air conditioned hotel. RIDDLE TIME great job to Grandma, Mollie, and, Ms. Lookie. Nice try to Debbi. You have a point. The correct awnser was elavation gain. Your riddle for today is: What is Yosemite’s favorite ice cream flavor? Put you guess in on our blog for a shout out.

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