Forget Everything

I know a little place, not far. -Greensky Bluegrass Another great day of RTXIX! I woke up the latest and with the best night’s sleep I’ve had so far this summer. The Spirit of Diggins worked its magic in the night. Molly and I started the day with a couple cups of coffee in bed […]

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Day 13: Yosemite

This morning was perfect, in all the uppity, snooty ways. I woke from the deepest slumber of the trip thus far to the scent of the strongest coffee. We nibbled on our variety of breakfast bars we had had to bring into the room yesterday. We lounged in bed, catching up on the news and […]

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The day we drove six hours

Today I was woken up by being draged across the room and hearing my dad say “can someone turn on the shower, I need to wake ellie up.” And that’s when I desided to wake up. Then we packed up our room. After that we hit the road for our 6 hour drive to Yosemite. […]

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Driving 5 hours to Yosemite

This morning I woke up when I found my dad dragging Ellie out of her bed. We quickly got ready for the day. My parents picked up some coffee and we were on the road. Unfortunately, Tioga Pass is still closed so we had to take the long way. Instead we had to take Sonora […]

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Day 12: Lee Vining to Yosemite

We woke up about 30 miles from our destination of Yosemite. Over five hours later we arrived. Tioga Pass is still closed and we had to drive the loooong way all the way around the park to get to it. It was one of those super steep roads, one said “25%” with an illustration of […]

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Driving to California

Well, today was a very boring day. We started by waking up no later than 7. We had one last delicious meal at Kerouac’s. We all shared an omelet, breakfast sandwich, a muffin, and a scone. We had to stop in Ely to replenish the first aid kit and get more blatter’s. The place that […]

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The day we had barbecue

Today started at the Stargazer Inn in Baker Nevada. We quickly packed up our room. Then we headed off to Karauc’s for some breakfast. We shared four things. We had a breakfast muffin, an omelette, scones and a sandwich. After breakfast we started the 6 hour drive to California. Zoe and I watch Parks and […]

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