Hiking to the Top of Yosemite Falls and In n Out

This morning we woke up at 4:30 a.m. the earliest we have woken up all trip. We quickly got dressed and put all of our food back into the car then we were off.

We were on the trail right after sunrise when we started going up. It was a lot less steep that I expected. We were going to go up about 3300 xx in 4.6ish miles. After a few hundred feet up we saw a deer just doing it’s morning stroll. The hike up was pretty intense. Especially the switchbacks.

When we came to the first view point of was very beautiful. The next portion of the trail was sand and then downhill. It felt great then but on the way back we would have to go up it. after that we for into what we called “The Splash Zone”. There was lots of slipping and sliding but the mist felt good.

After that we kept on playing leapfrog with the other group. After the long hike we finally got to the top where I had to asked my mom “Stupid Question, but where is it” the waterfall was nowhere in sight. After finding a side of a cliff with a railing we made it to the bottom. You could still not see it. It was similar to hiking to the Hollywood sight where all you could see was the “HO” in Hollywood.We went back up the side of the cliff and had a little snack.

Then we decided to tackle the last mile. Where we went up to Yosemite Point. It was cool but artists point was better.

After the loooooong hike down we got in the car and drove 4 hours to In n Out. I was so delicious. It was also the first time we had fast food this trip. It was amazing. It is my first or second favorite fast food place I can’t decide between that or Portillos

We still have a 2 hour drive and then nothing big planned for tonight except for changing my Invisalign.

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