The day I hiked up Yosemite Falls

Today started at 4:30 am. Way to early. We packed up our yurt. Then we drove about half an hour to Yosemite Falls. After that we walked to the trail head. We had to walk through a camp to throw out my parents grabage. I have to say I was really nervous about this hike. I did not know if I could do it. It ended up being way easier then I thought. It started by doing a bunch of switch back through a forest,Yes it going up 3000 ft but if you just look at the ground and just keep going. You have to make sure you have a stable step and then you put your heal in first then just keep going. Though it was tough the feeling of success was well worth it. Waking🌯(random burrito) up early was way worth it. Well walking down we saw people going up in the sun. Let me tell you they were struggling. The whole hike took us seven hours. After we got up to the top of the waterfall we went down a lot to a overlook. Then we went up even more to Yosemite Point. Watching people go up made getting up at 4:30 worth it. The view from the top was not great but still it was cool once we got down to be able to say I was up there. Then we hopped in the car and started to drive. We had a six hour drive to some place. Lucky for us we got In and out. Which was awesome sauce. Then we got back in the car to finish the drive. RIDDLE TIME no one got yesterday’s riddle right. But there was a good geuss from Aunt Amy who said Moose tracks,But fun fact there are no Moose in Yosemite. So the correct answer Rocky road. Your riddle for today is I only apeer when snow disappears. What am I? Let me know your guess on the blog and find out the answer tomorrow.

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