The Packing Table

In Zoe’s last post she mentioned The Packing Table and I feel like it needs a bit more of an explanation. As you may have noted from Zak’s previous posts he gets very into the details of the planning of our vacations. The google spreadsheet that he created for this trip was shared with me […]

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Pre-Drive Interview

Are you excited about the drive?!?!?! Zak: The driving itself? No, although there will be some pretty parts.  The trip as a whole?  Absolutely! Molly: I actually kind of am. I don’t mind driving and am looking forward to some good reading while I am the passenger. Zoe: Kind of because there is going to […]

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Packing table

We put up the packing table. On there is food and supplies. We use it so packing is easier. The packing table also means the trip is coming up! There are 9 days until we leave!

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Target Trip I

We made the trip to Target tonight. The big trip. The one where we got everything that we haven’t been able to get on amazon. Everything. We worked for days on the list. The items ranged from flip flops and tank tops to sunscreen and hand sanitizer. We were in the store for an hour […]

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This afternoon I swung by Trader Joe’s to pick up eggs, butter, and milk for Zoe’s half birthday cake. (I no longer have enough ingredients to whip up baked goods. Who have I become?) While there, I was chatting with one of our favorite cashiers and was telling her about our trip. After asking the […]

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rode trip

One of the things I am not excited  for is all the driveing and also leaving all the hikes. I think the drive will be boring becuse there won’t be enof stuf to do.  I  think I will want to keep on hiking.

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There is a lot of things to do so we are ready for the trip. One of the things is  packing. There is a lot of packing to do. First we have to get the supplies you need. Then try them. I don’t know how close we are to being done. We just got our […]

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I am most exstiyed abot hikeing at ziyon becas i get hot when hike and i can jast get in the wotyer. Ellie knott

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I am very excited for the hiking, especially for the Zion Narrows. I am excited because we get to hike in the water. I hope we get  to see cool things like caves with streams going through them.  There should be fast squirrels that aren’t afraid of people. When you want to cool off you […]

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